The one where I lose control in the theater

Four ingredients in today’s potpourri:

1. I explain on AllThumbs why I’m more of a lover than a fighter. Please click over and check out the latest reviews by Chicklet and me…we’re building quite an array of recommendations for you. We love visitors — and comments (hint, hint).

2. I just put up my house on Cra.ig’s List.

No, we’re not moving out. But we are offering our spare room for rent during the Democratic National Convention. If you know any political blogger-type or interested person who realllly wants to be near the action in late August, let him/her know we have a homestay available.

For nice people; by nice people. Of either political stripe.

3. The ColoBloggers watched Sex and the City on the big screen over the weekend. I think I looked exactly like the brunette Carrie. If she were 6 inches taller, not as toned, and shopped at Old Navy, that is.

I had been forewarned about Charlotte’s I-got-pregnant-because-I-adopted line of dialog, and I just couldn’t stop myself. In the silent pause after Charlotte’s non sequitur to Carrie, I blurted, “Oh no you di-ent!” — to the possible embarrassment of my companions (sorry, guys!) and a small titter from the audience.

In hindsight, I wish I’d made it a full-blown “BULL shi.t cough!”

4. Our very own Pamela Jeanne has hit the big time. She articulates her experience of the aftermath of infertility, and of living childfree/less in a parent-oriented world. And she does this in the New York (freaking) Times, no less. Show her your support and appreciation for stepping out so eloquently.

Nicely, done, PJ.

14 thoughts on “The one where I lose control in the theater”

  1. ROFL on the theatre outburst!! I mentioned on a non-IF board that I knew some women struggling with infertility were ticked off that they decided to get Charlotte pregnant, thereby contributing to the myth of adoption = pregnancy. Of course I got flooded with tales about how “it DOES happen.” ARGH. And a big thank you for alerting me to PJ’s NYT article!! I’ve been wondering when it was going to be published! I thought it was well done too.

  2. I think I’m gonna’ see SATC with my girlfriends this weekend; I’ll be sure to bust out your BULLsh*t cough. I gotcha’ covered. 😉

  3. I know you don’t want to hear this, but my wife DID get pregnant about 2 months after we got the fost/adopt kids in our home. She had not been pregnant for about 12 years. I thought it was like the “immaculate conception” we didn’t have any time for that kind of thing when they we first got the kids. Unfortunately, the same old thing happened as in the past and she miscarried. It was a weird feeling of saddness and relief at the same time, more saddness. We didn’t know what we were going to do; we just got the sibling set of 3 and then she gets pregnant. We didn’t know if it would affect the adoption process. She hasn’t been pregnant since.

  4. Well, damn– there goes my plan to see that movie. Cause I have nowhere near the reserve you do, and I am afraid I couldn’t contain myself to the simple Bull-cough. I might have to bring those recalled tomatoes into the theater, and I am not sure that is allowed these days. Grrrrrrr…

  5. Just popping by to say that normally the weather isn’t this wonderful! We’ve got rain tomorrow, normal complaining will resume shortly!

  6. Good for you for yelling that out in the theatre. You know I wanted to go with you girls, but the baseball game was just more my style! And heck yeah about our PJ!!! The New York Times. Freaking Fantabulous!And you are right, you look exactly like Charlotte!!!

  7. Oh and I always thought if I were a SATC character I would be a kind of Carrie/Charlotte hybrid (Carrie’s writing and Charlotte’s ridiculous Martha Stewart fetish) — but no more…Damn that Charlotte…PS — thank you for the recommendation to read Excavator — perfect.xoPam

  8. #3, I can see how tempting the BS cough would be. It’s an element to the storyline that irks just a little.#4, PJ did a fantastic job.J

  9. I wanted to throw something at the screen when that line came out of Charlotte’s mouth. I love SATC, but I had no warning, and it was ALL I could do to maintain. 🙂And I would do just about anything to be around the action at the convention!! It’s just so exciting, isn’t it?

  10. If you don’t have someone take the room, let me know because I bet someone from BlogHer is going and I could put it on that listserv.

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