The DNC is on to something…

Vote for Denver for BlogHer09. We have Red Rocks, microbrews, hiking, a walkable and navigable downtown, dry heat, and, especially for Lollipop, lots of vegetarian options. Hey. If Denver is good enough for the Democratic National Convention, YOU’D be sure to have a good time here next summer.

Get your vote in soon!

If you are pregnant or soon-to-be, don’t miss the All Thumbs book giveaway. The deadline is 8:08 am on 8/08/08.

Are you building bridges? In its inaugural week, Bridges has already spanned the topics of mental illness, parenting a child with special needs, and neonatal death. Up next are infertility and True View (a Friday feature).

I’ll have a post up on Monday about open adoption, and you’ll also hear from other bloggers who have experienced loss, addiction and breast cancer. I hope you’re making Bridges part of your daily ritual.

Please forward to me any enlightening posts you read from adoptees, firstparents or adoptive parents — whether you are the reader or the writer. Thanks for helping to bring attention to compassionate bloggers.


I am honored that Mrs X passed to me the Arte y Pico Award. She thinks I’m all around cool (blushing).

The rules are (abridged slightly):

1) Show the award. Link back to the blog that gave you the award.

2) Pick 5 blogs that you consider deserving of this award because of creativity, design, interesting material, and contributions to the blogger community, and link to them.

3) Leave comments on the blogs to let them know you’ve given them an award.

4) Show these rules.

Bestowing on Excavator, Luna, Chicklet, DeathChic (haha*!!) and Tammy.

* she HATES these things. So, naturally, I always pass them on to her.


Are you Twittering? If I’m not already following you, let me know. I really DO care about your minute-by-minute minutiae, as I know you care about mine.

12 thoughts on “The DNC is on to something…”

  1. Well lovely Lori, I just checked out Twitter for the first time …. you MAY have converted me, but I procrastinate enough as it is!So then I thought I would vote about BlogHer 09 …. but there’s no Australia category. So I voted for Denver for you …. there were 3 pages of comments I wanted to read, ummmm, apparently I voted for Denver 3 times. (Does that make me a cheater?)xoxo

  2. Denver has YOU, that’s the most important thing. Voted…Thx for the award lady! eek!And twittering, I was good about it while gone. Not so good while back – minutae is much more interesting on vacation.

  3. hey, I just like the title of your post! I hear denver’s nice in the summer… and someone I know is supposed to make a mean mojito. oh, and she has a lovely view from her deck too. hmmm…many thanks for the award! I’ll be back to claim it…

  4. BlogHer in Denver? I’m definitely voting for that. And then I’m praying that my financial situation improves so I can visit your lovely city next year. …and I feel another meme post coming on. Oh yes, you shall be linked. Oh yes.

  5. Oh Lori.I logged into Twitter and twittered a few times and now have promptly forgotten my codes, of course.09 — Colorado breaks my heart into a thousand pieces when I go there. It is so fraught for me, but there’s a part of me that would love love love to go.Would I get to meet you? Then I can bear the broken heart..XOPam

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