Show & Tell AND Cross-pollination

It’s a blogstravaganza. Not only are we Showing and Telling, but we’re also Cross-Pollinating.

Below is a guest post brought to you by the Great Blog Cross Pollination and organized by Geohde.

After you read here, visit Mission Impossible for a list of Cross-Poll bloggers to see if you can figure out who wrote the post below. And you’ll find my post somewhere there, on the blog of my Cross-Poll twin.

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The Wee Small Hours of the Morning
This picture is from our brief honeymoon in Carmel. The beach is what I miss most about living in the Middle- lakes just can not measure up to the power and beauty of the ocean. But this picture is the one I “go to” in my head in the mornings. When it’s dark out and the sun has yet begun its peeking out. Especially on days like today where the snow has started falling (yes in early November !!) and I really miss the beach. I am far from a morning person. I hit the snooze repeatedly. I don’t wake up wanting to chatter to people. But I do appreciate the long, slow getting-ready process and find it worthwhile to get up and start my day early. Before I was married, I would take forever (hours from the time the initial alarm went off) to get ready in the morning. Most of it was just spent reading or staring into space. Hearing the silence.

Now, the morning moments are few and far between. But this week, I have been waking up earlier. No doubt due to the time change. I have had fifteen or twenty minutes each morning to contemplate my navel, so to speak. And in my head, I have been going to that beach and picturing the day when I am sitting there with a little digging in the sand. The time is coming.


Now, click over to the Great Blog Cross-Pollination post of 2009 to see more zaniness. And thank Geohde for her clever way of mixing things up!

16 thoughts on “Show & Tell AND Cross-pollination”

  1. I’m not sure who the mystery blogger, but I can tell that person that I do have the opportunity to get down to Carmel whenever the spirit moves me, and I’ll be sure to think of you and dig my toes in the sand on your behalf…

  2. Are we also supposed to guess the blogger?It’s funny because when I first started reading, I was thinking Carmel in Israel and then finally said to Josh, “is there a Carmel in the US?” So…it’s someone living in the midwest…I really can’t guess.

  3. I also love carmel, especially the beach. to any dog lovers out there, carmel may be THE most dog-friendly destination EVER.

  4. What a lovely post — and I totally thought of Mrs.Shoes — because I’ve had the pleasure of knowing exactly WHERE in the midwest she lives…and she’s a former west-coaster…hmnnn but I”m not sure…can’t wait to find out!

  5. Lovely post, what a great picture.I am still waiting for the post from my cross pollinator, :o(Thanks for the lowdown on anxiety after nervous, I always stress about picking up kids on time.

  6. That photo does look all nice and peaceful. I have never been to Carmel but can imagine how it might be!!Cross-Pollination sounds fun!! It’s amazing where people get their inspiration from!

  7. I have a guess but it’s because I think I know which post is yours on her blog, so my guess is mostly working backwards (though this person does live in the midwest).I guess Mrs. Shoes.And Lolly — of course there’s a Carmel, in northern California! Don’t you remember, Clint Eastwood used to be the mayor?

  8. Love the picture. I’ve never stopped in Carmel but may have to sometime soon. I had no idea who the guest blogger was.

  9. I just watched the biography of Doris Day on the Bio Channel today, and it says she lives in Carmel- so I vote that Doris Day is secretly an IF blogger!

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