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A few link-worthy items have come across my radar.

Adoption Update: This site is compiled regularly by an adoptive mom whose goal is “to help prospective adoptive parents stay up to date on the latest adoption news.” She includes news on domestic and international adoptions, and it looks as if the author is quite an effective researcher. (along with its companion blog) “can provide emotional support, educational tools, and financial support. We hope to ease some of the burden bestowed on people who desperately want to be parents.” Erica Walther Schlaefer has just started this nonprofit, so visit her and see how you can help or be helped.

In A Chair with a View, we read that UMass Amherst has established the nation’s first endowed chair in adoption. Funded by a grant from the Rudd Family Foundation as well as matching funds, this chair in the psychology department “will be dedicated to the study of complex issues surrounding adoption.” The article cites research regarding open adoption from the perspective of the adolescent adoptee.

Attention New Yorkers: The American Fertility Association is offering Manicures & Martinis, a free new infertility prevention program for young women. The first stop on a 20-city tour is Tuesday, January 27th, in Manhattan. Young women who may or may not have actually faced infertility are treated to a manicure, fertili-tinis, and a conversation with Jamie Grifo, M.D., Ph.D., of the NYU Fertility Center. Contact Corey.


I’m linked around the ‘sphere this week. I have a post up at Mile High Mamas. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to live in Colorado, add this Denver Post site to your reader for its great writing (if I do say so myself), fun giveaways, and the whimsical spirit of our editor, Amber, who is 100% awesome (for a crazy Canuck).

I am featured at Five Star Friday — on Intrepid Tuesday. Before you start with the congratulations, you should know that I nominated my own post. Yay! I think I’m great!

I bring this site up for three reasons.
1. I enjoyed reading a couple of the other posts listed. It got me off my beaten path.
2. You can nominate one of your own posts if you, too, want to intrepidly proclaim a post of yours terrific.
3. Schmutzie also runs Five Star Friday, where you nominate anOTHER blogger’s post. Or your OWN posts are nominated by others. So if you read something stellar, let Schmutzie know about it.

BlogHer is doing the same thing as Five Star Fridays — just launched today. Founder Lisa Stone has announced that the community is accepting nominations (for yourself or others) for blogging brilliance. So keep your eyes out and then spread the word with a nomination.

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  1. Infertility prevention? Interesting. Maybe they should talk about getting a boyfriend’s sperm analyzed, too.

  2. Infertility prevention? Interesting. Maybe they should talk about getting a boyfriend’s sperm analyzed, too.

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