Limerick Chick Contest Final Round

Who’ll be The Limerick Chick?
You readers get to help pick
We have the top three
They’re brilliant, you see
Such an homage to Saint Pat-er-ick

(Perfect Moment Monday will be back in this space next week. The next time you notice you’re having a perfect moment, write it up and add to Mr Linky here on a Monday.)

The blogosphere has winnowed 14 entries to 3.

Here are our finalists. Vote for your favorite by 10 pm tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow, St Patrick’s Day.

Congratulations to Erica, Terra and Kymberli!

An additional shout out to Martha, Kalei, Lollipop Goldstein, Luna, Dramalish, Kristin, and Elizabeth for sharing their very witty 5-liners with us.

Now, just TRY to pick one. And VOTE on the sidebar.

Parenthood for Me
I once was scared of the gyno
Now I’ll drop my pants for a rhino
When bad time are worse
There’s blogs like the mrsch
Or instead I can just be a whino

There was a youngish mom of the blog
often she typed and wrote in a fog
exploiting her kin
much to their chagrin
for even the dead dog made the blog

Here is a limerick for all of us
together we laugh, cry, and fuss.
With a double-fisted zinger
we give infertility the finger,
you sonofabi+ch, you make us all cuss.

To all entrants and voters, I say, Go raibh maith agaibh!

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