Show & Tell: Are You Reeling in the Yearbooks?

Let’s take a little memory stroll…
The 1960s. Who’s That Girl?

The 1970s. My Michael Jackson phase.

The 1980s. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

1990. This one makes me all verklempt.

1994. Solidarity with Kym.

1998. My heart will go on. Even if my hair won’t.

2000. A forehead so high it needs a parachute.

I would show you photos from other years, but your retinas have had enough punishment for one blog post.


See what my classmates are showing and telling at Mel’s Show & Tell.

34 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Are You Reeling in the Yearbooks?”

  1. This is tooooooooo funny…I think you’ve inspired me to try it out myself. I also love your creative captions. πŸ™‚

  2. Those are AWESOME!!

    I have to be honest though – when I saw the first picture, I was thinking to myself, “Wait a minute . . . it ~looks~ like Lori but couldn’t be . . .”

    You can do anything on the internet.

  3. *snort*

    I think 1990 is my personal favorite. Love the glasses.

    What a funny web site. We used a picture of my dog and played around with that… I almost peed my pants.

  4. LOL…you are cracking me up!

    Love the Farah Fawcett look, and the Aniston one as well!

    Totally made grin…cheek to cheek…which is not a very pleasant putter sight!

  5. I only can DREAM that you really had all these hairstyles, and that they’re not photoshopped. Cuz that would have made you my hero… Unfortunately, it’s a photoshop so no hero status for you;-)

  6. That was gorgeous. But I could show you true yearbook pictures that would give you nightmares. I don’t need no stinkin’ program to create what I did to my hair in real life.

  7. ROFL! I’ve seen this making the rounds on Facebook, but yours by far take the cake.

    You are soooo rockin’ that Salt n’ Pepa mushroom crinkle cut! LOL!

  8. I LOVED the changing hairstyles!

    I think you look a lot like Mom in the 1998 photo. Loved the Michael Jackson look, Farrah, and Jennifer too.

    That was very entertaining!

  9. Dude, where do you find this stuff?! I like the 80s one since it’s taking me back to my HS days. The 90s is pretty hilarious too.

  10. LOLLLLLLLLLLL love it! I am so yearbookin my self…. but i will NOT share, it won’t be good I am sure. Loved your dancing morning the other day priceless! xoxoxoxox

  11. Awesome! Once upon a time, my husband let a picture of himself and his 4 sisters fall into the wrong hands. His face replaced that of all of his sisters. It was quite hilarious. But, your hairstyles are priceless!

  12. Are those really not photo-shopped? And I thought I had varying hair-dos along the way.

    Tell me this is all made up.

  13. I didn’t get enough sleep last night because the first thing I thought was, MAN! She was a mature looking kindergartner. (I’m sure you weren’t even close to being old enough for kindergarten in the 60s, but still, it’s the best my brain could do. I really didn’t get enough sleep last night).

    Nice work.

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