Show & Tell: Batter up

Thanks to the largess of my Father-in-Law, Yuke is now a fixture in our front yard.

(Jealous, Nancy? You can come visit.)

This guy I’d never heard of was my husband’s favorite Christmas gift. Perhaps I should have gone with this instead of socks for his present.

See the cool stuff my classmates are showing and telling over at Mel’s Show & Tell.

0 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Batter up”

  1. Hilarious! Remnds me slightly of the 20 foot tall blw up McNabb’s I still frequently see in my neighborhood (rabid Eagle’s fan country!)

  2. Huh. Hehe. I guess it beats a garden gnome ! 🙂
    Here the equivalent would have to be a hockey player from Les Canadiens and we would definitely have to chain it up.

  3. Funny…I live in ‘Red Sox Nation’ and YOU have that in your yard.

    Disclaimer: The location of my home does not necessarily coincide with the baseball team we prefer.

    missed you…

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