Adoption Angles: My bling and my John Travolta impression

My apologies if you don’t have an hour, because watching this video is the only way the title is going to make sense to you.

This week I was the guest on Melissa‘s Adoption Angles. We played to a large audience (wow, Melissa, well done!) which was delightfully involved and curious about creating a child-centered open adoption.

We had sound difficulties for the first 15 minutes, which was when I talked about how we went from marriage ==> infertility ==> adoption ==> open adoption.

After the technical difficulties are resolved, I talk about WHY I chose openness (it was purely selfish), HOW to come to terms with “sharing” a child, and WHAT big responsibility we adoptive parents carry. And at 57 minutes, there’s a shout out to TOOTPU from us ColoBloggers.

You got chills? I do. Nothing a little Merlot can’t cure.

0 thoughts on “Adoption Angles: My bling and my John Travolta impression”

  1. That’s a fantastic interview–I actually teared up when you talked about moving from “either/or” to “and.”

  2. So, I have a couple comments. First, great job! Second, where was all the wine swilling? Third, where did you find that mug that’s as big as your head? Fourth, that wasn’t exactly what I would call a shout out to TOOTPU – it was more like smack talk, and I will be ducking my head and watching for missiles overhead, as I am almost directly between you Colobloggers and TOOTPU!

    One question that nobody asked, which is one I wonder about – did you have to set specific boundaries with Crystal or did things flow naturally? My sister (adoptive parent (international, so, closed) and pediatric dentist) encountered a situation where first mom and adoptive mom were arguing over type of care. I would think that would be a land mine area, in which nice people who don’t like conflict could be overwhelmed in a situation where they should have the final say. What are your thoughts?

    Also, nice Travolta impression. My daughter will probably be entertaining her daycare classmates with Gives You Hell by the All American Rejects, since Daddy likes to play that on YouTube frequently. Makes “I need a man” seem almost normal.

  3. Just watched the entire hour. You were waay too much fun especially towards the end!

    What a great hour it was, so informative and I learned so much.

    Your children are so lucky to have you and so are we. xoxoxoxo

  4. Lori, you were PHENOMINAL!!!

    Hey ya’ll, I was able to hear the first part on my PC w/ the volume cranked up on my speakers.

    Miss Lori, I have to admit..I’m hopelessly devoted to you.. (sorry, I just couldn’t help myself..)

  5. You did such a great job!! No need to be nervous at all.


    And you speak and sound just how I’d imagine!

  6. I can’t watch on the computer I’m currently on! I’ll have to try again later, but sounds like it will be extremely interesting!

  7. Well, I tried going through the video….I can hear Melissa’s voice, but I cannot hear yours? Is it something wrong at my end?

    BTW, loved your earrings…

  8. I finally was able to watch this and you are so well-spoken. I think I might have missed a few key pieces at the beginning due to audio (and my husband watching Lost at high decibels a floor below me).

    I’m glad I was able to watch this. I loved so many of your descriptions of open adoption and your honesty. This was great.

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