The View addresses infertility this week

Note: there’s a question for you toward the end of this post.

Thanks for all your comments on last week’s announcement of my ambassadorship for The View. I don’t know if the Powers-That-Be are reading, or how representative they might think that readers of this little ol’ blog might be of their viewing universe, but they really should pay attention. We’re a smart bunch.

This week on The View:

  • Today’s show features the cast of Jersey Shore (uh, sorry, I fail to see the appeal)
  • Wednesday’s show brings Nadya Suleman. Do you have anything you’d like to know about a single mom of 14? Why and how come to mind.
  • On Thursday, Bill and Giuliana Rancic discuss their infertility struggles (I’m so in the dark without cable — who are these people??) .
  • On Friday, Regis and Joy Philbin sing from their new CD, Just You, Just Me.

My question for you this week — just in case the producers are making the rounds of the ambassadors’ blogs — is:

If you were wishing for topics/guests more, uh, substantive than, say, a talk show about a reality show based on caricature-people, what topics/guests would cause you to put The View on Your Schedule? Gimme three, if you please.

Disclosure: I am a participant in a MomCentral campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other The View branded items to facilitate my review.

0 thoughts on “The View addresses infertility this week”

  1. Gosh, that’s a tough one! I don’t know what guests would make me tune in… I don’t watch those kind of shows in general. I will think on it and let you know!

  2. Bill won a reality show and Giuliana is an entertainment cable t.v. news personality. I’d like to know if she’s gained weight during her infertility journey because she’s a skinny-minny. Seems like a potential road block along with everything else that go wrong!

  3. While, I wasn’t too excited abt Bill & Guiliana’s show this season, I caught a bit last night and think I’d like to see what they have to say on The View. Will set the DVR. The View, has a little bit of lots of stuff. I tend to watch the beginning when they talk about topics in the news and when they have singers like Regis, I’d probably tune out.

  4. I agree with Fishsticks & Fireflies: real people and real stories are what I’d like to see. While I do watch some reality shows, etc. I have no interest in seeing those people give interviews or play games on talk shows.

    I usually don’t turn on my tv until 4:00 at the earliest b/c daytime tv can be so bad!

  5. Bill won the first season of the Apprentice (that whole Donald Trump reality show) and Giuliana is on E! Not sure what her qualifications are other than being gorgeous and Italian. I’m a little ashamed to admit I know who they are and I actually watch their show. I cringed when she talked about doing an IUI and it was obvious she knew absolutely nothing about what the procedure entailed.

    I did watch the View some while on maternity leave and I look at those types of shows as entertainment. Just brain candy for when you need a break from thinking or from your own life.

  6. I have nothing to say about The View other than it was the best thing on (having no cable) during maternity leave at that time. However, I did want you to know that I gave you a Beautiful Blogger Award. I think your blog is great!

  7. How about some balance — not all fertility treatments lead to success. Let’s explore in greater detail the stats that the media ignore: One in six of all couples seek medical help because of childlessness, and one in twenty will never have a child despite all that medicine can offer.

  8. Not a single one of those personalities or topics appeal to me in any way, shape, or form! They might as well market this week as: People Who Shouldn’t Pro-Create, A Woman Who Went Too Far When It Came To Pro-Creating, and A Couple Who Can Afford To Pro-Create As Many Times As They Like Via ART. Oh, and Kathy Lee’s Better Half Sings.

    I get that daytime television/morning talk shows are designed to be entertaining and informative, but I am tired of them just being a parade of vapidness and sensationalism. Show me real people who are going through real triumps and tragedies! (Not that Bill and Guiliana’s infertilty isn’t a struggle . . . I would just like to see her eat a damn cheeseburger and jump through the endless number of hoops that so many in the ALI community have had to jump through.)

    I think I need some chocolate.

  9. This is a tough one for me because I rarely watch TV! I catch the news in the morning and I’ve been watching the Olympics the past couple of weeks.

    I guess I’d like stories about real people facing real issues.

    A topic that would interest me might be something metaphysical — stories of people who are experiencing metaphysical growth, healing, intuition, etc.

  10. An ambassador? Way to go LORI!!!! Doesn’t surprise me, you are one very strong voice! I think you know what I would like to see on there. With Haiti in the news, there has been a LOT of negative attention on adoption. Unfortunately, this is nothing new. I would like to see a week of adoption focus. The hardships, the legal problems, the immense waiting list and most of all, I would liket to see the wonderful success stories that are out there. In our society, there is so much media that dictates our culture. From magazines to news programs, everyting is always so distorted, so skewed and let’s face it, often negative. Let shed some positive light on adoption if for nothing else, to educate young women out there that there is a wonderful option for an unintended pregnancy. I would like to see many different women from all the generations tell their stories because there are so many. You have to hear the bad WITH the good, you have to see what amazing women there are in the world who are trying to make a difference for future generations to come.

    There were 750,000 teenage pregnancies in 2006. I would like to see the numbers of adoptions from that year. I would bet that the numbers are not even close!

  11. Yikes, I don’t watch The View, just the clips on Youtube.
    I am proud you are ambassador for them and if I come up w/any great ideas, I will let you, Whoopi, and Barbara know Pronto.

  12. Ditto to what Fishsticks and Fireflies said…I have no interest in Infertility Lite or Infertility Sensational. I would love to see a dose of Infertility Reality on TV. And the reality is that, for most of us, it is a very difficult decision that is not lightened with excessive money or power to grease the wheels of family building. Didn’t Barbara Walters adopt her daughter after miscarriage?

  13. I watched the Thursday episode, and although like the producers did a good job of drawing from a range of experiences with the guests, the hosts (esp. Barbara) did a poor job of actually listening to what the guests were saying. I imagined each guest being proud of him/herself for going on TV to talk about IF then feeling afterwards like they were misrepresented, esp. the woman whose embryos are being disputed in her divorce. Barbara didn’t listen to her at all and kept asking the same question that didn’t reflect reality.

    I did appreciate that multiple hosts have first-hand experience with adoption, loss, and infertility.

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