The View — not on Clomid

When Melissa, Pamela and I spoke as infertility panelists at BlogHer08, I joked that we were like The View — on Clomid.

Well, two years later I get to be a Brand Ambassador for The View. NOT on Clomid. I mean, I’m not on it, Whoopi and Joy aren’t on it, I bet Sherri and Elizabeth aren’t on it, and you can bet Barbara isn’t on it.

See that new badge I have, down there, on the right? It gives me di.plo.matic im.munity. As an ambassador, I can park wherever I’d like and cannot be arrested for any crime.

Wait. Maybe all ambassadorships are not created equal.

What this ambassadorship will give me is the inside scoop, which I will share with you either here or on my Facebook page or via Twitter.

On tap for the coming days:

  • Today’s show features Chandra Wilson of Grey’s Anatomy.
  • Wednesday’s show will have Victoria Beckham co-hosting.
  • On Thursday, John Lithgow visits from his Broadway show, Mr and Mrs Fitch.
  • On Friday, Sherri goes behind the scenes at the Westminster Dog Show.

So. What do YOU think of The View? Do you watch? Which of the ladies share your view, and which, uh, not so much?

Disclosure: I am a participant in a MomCentral campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other the View branded items to facilitate my review.

0 thoughts on “The View — not on Clomid”

  1. Now that I’m homeschooling my oldest, morning TV is not a part of my agenda.

    I use to watch it occasionally though

  2. I used to watch it once in a while, when the only person I couldn’t stand was Meredith Viera. Now it seems that they’re all so strident, and I can’t watch it anymore. But, I will be happy to count on your updates for anything I might be missing!

  3. I used to watch regularly when Rosie was on, and I still watched sometimes post-Rosie when I was on bedrest and had excessive free time. Now I have negative free time, so no more View.

  4. I have to admit that I know the View more via the ongoing SNL skit than the actual show. But I entered for the chance to attend the taping because to be in the same room as Whoopi? I would literally pee in my pants.

  5. I don’t watch The View unless it’s on the TV while I’m at the gym working out (rare).

    But I still think it’s cool that YOU are an Ambassador.

    I have a whole new level of respect for you (and it was pretty high before)…

  6. Elizabeth and Barbara drive me batty enough to never ever turn it on. But I’ll be interested what you have to say – as always:-)

  7. I think I’m a bit too far from menopause to watch The View. The clips I see on “The Soup” just aren’t really my style. I guess it doesn’t help that Joel McHale is making fun of them at the time! 🙂

    But I’m always up for the inside scoop.

  8. I love the View. I’ll be honest, I do watch it sometimes. But not all the time, because I write during that time of the morning. But for YOU? ANYTHING.

  9. If I remember correctly, The View was launched when I was at home off work after Katie’s stillbirth. I watched it just about every day then.

    Being at work, I rarely get to watch it these days, & even when I am at home, I generally give it a pass. I find the conversation far too strident these days, & I absolutely cannot stand Elisabeth. I enjoyed the original cast much more.

  10. I used to watch the View a bit when it was first on. I actually liked Meredith the best because she had a bit of a dirty mouth but not in a mean way. Now I detest her on the Today show because she seems so vanilla. I’ve only seen bits of the View in the past several years, and I don’t like it. They’re always angry.

  11. WOOHOO! Congratulations on your new gig – what an awesome accomplishment!

    I don’t know that I have ever caught more than 5 minutes of The View – for so many different reasons.

  12. I don’t watch it, I you tube the clips occasionally and think I am a combination of Whoopi and Joyce Behar.

  13. i caught it the other day and well, I will have to say I didnt really care for it that much, ofcourse it was one show, but they seemed to argue more that give info or discuss, but just mho

  14. I watch it when I’m having a “sick day.” We are in the process of getting rid of cable, however. Oscar seems a little too interested in tv!

  15. I used to watch back with Meredith and Lisa but now I hate it. I never watch. They just are so mean to each other and occasionally their guests. They don’t actually want to hear each others views and discuss them – they want to demean, criticize and hate on each other. IMHO. The only one I like now is Whoopi because I’ve always loved her and she seems to be the only one who is open to discussion.
    Cool for your new gig though. I’m sure it will be fun. 🙂 I love doing stuff like that as I love most tv.

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