Final Round of the Limerick Chick Contest. VOTE!


Who’ll be The Limerick Chick?
You readers get to help pick
We have the top three
They’re brilliant, you see
Such an homage to Saint Pat-er-ick

The blogosphere has winnowed 30 entries to 8.

Here are our finalists. Vote for your favorite by 8 pm Tuesday night (March 16, MST). The winner will be announced on St Patrick’s Day.

Congratulations to these finalists:

And an additional shout out to these limericists for for sharing their very witty 5-liners with us: Wishing 4 One, Wise Guy, Suzy, Stirrup Queen, Missy, Miss Tori, Miss La, Michelle, Fertility Chick, Calliope, Audrey.

Now, just TRY to pick one of these eight. And VOTE on the sidebar.

1. ParenthoodForMe
I’m an Irish gal who drinks whisky
Sometimes I go home and get frisky.
When the good deed is done.
I’m Wishing 4 One.
Or at least eat some spam and some latke.

2. Kym
Bionic are two blogging Mamas.
Between them they have three vaginas.
Their humor is sassy,
and if they should ask me,
I’d leave Frank and make them my lovers.

3 Kristin
Infertility, needles, and loss
are three things we’d want to toss
like garbage in a can
Instead we will band
Into groups ‘cause of Mel whose the boss

4. JRS
No I’m not pregnant just fat
Would love to have a child named Matt
I hope stirrup socks
don’t bring her hard knocks
or else she might adopt a childlike cat

5. JJ
There’s a blogger named Suzy who’s a knitter
She tweets a lot on twitter
She sure is sweet with all those tweets
Cause she supports every person she meets

6. Emmy

You could have knocked me down with a feather

But the Stirrup Queen brought us together

With lots of support

From a great cohort
Through tough times I better could weather

7. Eden
There once was a gal named Melissa
Whose infertility was a Right Royal Pisser
She needn’t have fussed
Coz it led her to us
Now we’re all lining up just to kissa!

8. Alana
In this world of IF I’ve been dumped,
Despite my husband having humped.
Gals like Mrs. Gamgee pull me through,
We still hope one day it will be true…
That our stomachs will be baby bumped.

To all entrants and voters, I say, Go raibh maith agaibh!

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  1. They are all so good! I am partial to one more than the rest though…. LOL. Thanks for running this very cool contest Lori, it was fun participating!

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