Limerick Chick Voting Round 3

Below is the last of three sets of entries in the 2010 Limerick Chick Contest. Find out the top two limericks from Flight 2 that will advance to the final round, below.

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Thirty poems came in under the wire
Five lines each has to inspire
They mention blog friends
The fun never ends
Of reading them, I do not tire.

Because of the large number of entries, we have three flights. Below you’ll find the 9 entries for the second set. Vote for your favorite one before Friday at 8 pm (MST).

The top two vote-getters will advance to the Final round, which begins March 12. The winners from Flight 2 are ParenthoodForMe and Kym. Congratulations, you two, and thanks to the others for giving us all the chuckles.

As a refresher, the winners from Flight 1 are Alana, Kristin 2 and JRS, the latter two in a tie.

On St Patrick’s Day, I’ll announce the winning limerick, according to the voters.

And here are the limericious entries for Flight 3

1. Michelle
To make our blogs better
Alison is clever
Creating amazing backdrops
Be them oceans or teardrops
For our words that live forever

2. JJ
There’s a blogger named Suzy who’s a knitter
She tweets a lot on twitter
She sure is sweet with all those tweets
Cause she supports every person she meets

3. Emmy
Missy’s a kindhearted infertile

Conceiving is moving like a turtle
Just relax someone said
And hop into bed
To them she just wanted to hurtle

4. Suzy
there exists a lady in the house of jeans
who will help you out by any means
but be fast when you put that dish in the sink
cause she will clean it before you can blink

5. Eden
There once was a gal named Melissa
Whose infertility was a Right Royal Pisser
She needn’t have fussed
Coz it led her to us
Now we’re all lining up just to kissa!

6. Michelle 2
This IF is makes everything so hazy
My ovaries are lazy
If it gets any worse
I’ll end up in a book called Tales of a Batty Nurse
And end up going crazy

7. JJ 2
Shes got a story to tell
(un)complicated , and with only one L
There’s lots of corn in site
And she’ll make you a custom invite
So visit her site, she sure is swell

8. Emmy 2
You could have knocked me down with a feather

But the Stirrup Queen brought us together
With lots of support
From a great cohort

Through tough times I better could weather

9. Suzy 2
there is a cool chick at the happy hours
who likes to knit with a lot of brain power
she really does bake
a delicious cupcake
and some even look like a flower

Don’t see your limerick here? You’re either in Flight 1 or Flight 2 (voting completed). Make sure to tune in again after March 12 to vote in the Final Round.

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  1. Thanks for organizing this! I have been checking in and have voted in each round! Thanks for the fun!

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