Round One of Limerick Chick Voting

Belly on up to the voting booth for the 2010 Limerick Chick Contest.

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Thirty poems came in under the wire

Five lines each has to inspire

They mention blog friends

The fun never ends

Of reading them, I do not tire.

Because of the large number of entries, we’ll have three flights. Below you’ll find the 10 entries for the first set. Vote for your favorite one before Friday morning at 9 am.

The top two vote-getters will advance to the Final round, which begins March 12.

On St Patrick’s Day, I’ll announce the winning limerick, according to the voters.

I am so glad I don’t have to make the decision, because each of the 30 entries below is absolutely limericious.

Flight 1 Entries

1. Kristin

There once was a superhero named Kym

who partnered with Miss W, her IM

They made me laugh ’til I cried

and my son nearly died*

all from a convo started on a whim

2. Alana

In this world of IF I’ve been dumped,

Despite my husband having humped.

Gals like Mrs. Gamgee pull me through,

We still hope one day it will be true…

That our stomachs will be baby bumped.

3. Miss Tori

My eggs, they were a cookin‘,

But good they were not lookin‘.

And just like JourneyGirl,

Bruce and I took a whirl,

And now the fats a bookin‘!

4. Stirrup Queen

There once was a Dragondreamer

Who was quite the post weaver

She contemplated UFOs

And crocheted hats with bows

And nothing ever seemed to peeve her.

5. Wishing 4 One

I live in the land of pharaohs

where baby makin’s been dry as scarecrows

Been sayin’ is 2010 my year yet?

And saying over and over again Are We There Yet?

Hey I’m Trying not to scream

but damn i’m an Anxious Mummy indeed!

6. Miss La

Twelve pregnant gals at once I know,

And still here am I with no beau,

“All in good time,”

My friends do chime.

If their babes wed ere me- Oh no!!

7. JRS

No I’m not pregnant just fat

Would love to have a child named Matt

I hope stirrup socks

don’t bring her hard knocks

or else she might adopt a childlike cat

8. Kristin 2

Infertility, needles, and loss

are three things we’d want to toss

like garbage in a can

Instead we will band

Into groups ‘cause of Mel whose the boss

9. Tori 2

Too many pounds I’ve got

I need to lose a lot.

I got the band

It gives me a hand

To reach The Sweet Spot.

10. Stirrup Queen 2

Lindsay, obsessed with her Greys

Could sit on the sofa for days

And stare at McDreamy

Without getting screamy

Though Patrick makes it hard to behave

Don’t see your limerick here? You’re either in Flight 2 (voting March 5-8) or Flight 3 (voting March 9-12). Make sure to tune in again.

8 thoughts on “Round One of Limerick Chick Voting”

  1. Thanks for fitting mine in! Here it is:

    Another month ends and brings a big nope,
    After taking these drugs I want to reach for a rope,
    But they’re making me mom,
    So I try to stay calm,
    And reach deep inside to bring out more hope.

  2. Kristin’s first should be linked to the infamous IM, I think. Just thinking about it makes me wet my pants all over again!

  3. So funny!!! I wanted to write one but after 8 1/2 weeks on bedrest, there’s only mush up there. At least I get to enjoy the creativity of others!

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