Welcome, my friends, to the new home of Weebles Wobblog! Come on in and don’t forget to wipe your feet (and no, my welcome mat is not supposed to be a subtle hint — why do you ask?).

If you’re in a reader, click over and see my new digs. As Melissa says, I’ve moved out of the rental (Blogger) and into my own home (I’m self-hosted now and oh-so-legit).

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks moving Weebles Wobblog, with tons of help and guidance from both Melissa and Lindsay. They helped me pack up boxes and  transport all my stuff and then unpack, arrange the furniture and put things up on the walls.

It hasn’t been seamless.

You may come across some kinks in images, links, navigation, or something strange in that box I don’t even know I’ve misplaced. I’ll be working on this for quite some time. But if you come here looking for something and can’t find it, let me know. I’ll sort through the boxes to find the post you’re after.

And if you’ve linked to one of my posts recently, do me a favor and re-do your link with the new permalink. Just email me YOUR post and I’ll send you the working link to MY post that you mention. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m anticipating some broken link problems.

Enough of that unpleasantness. Tell me about the best or most memorable housewarming gift you’ve received.

20 thoughts on “Housewarming”

  1. It looks gorgeous. And while the road over here has not been easy, I hope as the dust settles, that you really enjoy your new home.

  2. Oooh, very nice! Congratulations!

    We got a lot of nice housewarming gifts when we moved into this house (20 years ago next month — eeek!), but what immediately sprang to mind when I read your question was that dh’s cousin’s wife (who lives nearby — the one I’ve written about before…!) brought us over a big thermos full of coffee, styrofoam cups, sugar & cream, & some cookies when we were at the house painting one day prior to moving in. It was an unexpected & totally appreciated gesture.

  3. oooooh beautiful new site Lori! I’ll follow you anywhere — and have been — even through my silence.

    I’m getting back into the groove now though — sort of.

    I’m really impressed by your insight and your mindfulness in listening to Reed and it sparking this change.

    You are inspiring. Truly.



  4. Oooooh!! I LOVE it!! The colors are so inviting and the look is very posh. Well done!

    Best housewarming gift was a binder of takeout menus of places that would deliver to my new address.

  5. Ahh. Ignore my other comment that I just made. This also explains why all of the sudden I had 11 posts by you show up in my reader. I couldn’t figure out how I had let myself get so far behind. Or maybe I did. I don’t know.
    .-= battynurse´s last blog ..Well Thought Out Plans =-.

  6. Oh my golly, it all looks so clean! And legit! Wowy. Color me impressed.

    Just one little comment – the purply comments are a little hard to read. Might I suggest a lighter purple, or perhaps a lighter font?
    .-= m.´s last blog ..My Space =-.

  7. The new place is really schwanky! Congrats!
    I do however feel I have to give you a little grief. It ‘seams’ you may have typed this post in a hurry? 😛

  8. I finally found you over here!  Your posts stopped updating to Bloglines, but I’ve got it all fixed now.  Thanks for updating the LFCA. 🙂

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