The Veering

“Hey, Mom,” Reed greeted me when I picked him up from ski school on a recent weekend. We began walking from the slopes to the condo. “What did you do today while the rest of us were skiing?”

“I did some writing.”

“You write a LOT. What are you always writing about?”

“Well, today I was working on an interview project and answering some questions about open adoptions. In fact, someone asked me specifically what YOU think about adoption. So, Reed, what DO you think about adoption?”

Pause. “Honestly, Mom. I don’t think about it much at all.”



Which got me thinking. Adoption DOES occupy a lot of my bandwidth, seeping from my writing life into my parenting life and back again. You can tell just by looking at and poking around this blog that open adoption has been very prominent in my mind, my life over these last several years.

It’s time to re-assess my goals, my values, my children’s changing needs, as well as my own.

As a result of this assessment, I am making some changes around Weebles Wobblog. And they’re all good. So KEEP YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS.

You’ll see less emphasis here on open adoption, although I will still participate in Heather’s Open Adoption Roundtable. I am likely to continue to write-up shareable parenting moments, some that may have to do with adoption. All open adoption posts will still be accessible, and all inbound links to those posts are still welcome. There is even a long-awaited event brewing at this moment that I will eventually post about here.

But the bulk of my writing about open adoption will now take place on my Open Adoption Examiner page. So if open adoption is a reason why you hang around here, make sure to subscribe over there.

Not much else will change, content-wise. Perfect Moment Mondays will remain as a prompt to be mindful during the week. Vignettes from my life will still be displayed in all their glory. Parenting moments are sure to keep providing fodder. We’ll still write limericks and revisit the 1970s. I’ll continue to tell how I reconcile being a New-Age Libertarian , and I’ll share my love for music and what works for me in living a charmed life (as evidenced by the people in it — YOU).

I thank you for your support thus far, and I ask you to stick with me as I undergo this slight shift.

16 thoughts on “The Veering”

  1. I’m on board! At times I have found it hard to find my place in the ALI community because the ‘A’ and the ‘I’ have not been a part of my equation – and that I sometimes have a hard time commenting on certain posts without sounding trite because I don’t know what it is like to be in that boat. That being said, I will read no matter what you write!

  2. Just like always, Lori, you are tuned in.

    I am looking forward to the changes and the things that stay the same.

    Sounds exciting!

  3. Given that Reed’s relationship with his firstparents is not anywhere close to what you’d want for him, it’s a very good thing that adoption is not in the forefront of his mind.

    Best wishes with the shift!

  4. Funny how the things that we focus on are so completely different than what a kid focuses on.
    I’ll still be here for whatever changes come this way.

  5. Well, Reed’s spontaneous reply confirms how good you are doing at parenting. Congratulations!

    And I am not going anywhere!

  6. I get it. It’s been a weird shift on my blog from infertility to parenting. I didn’t know how to make the shift or if I should. At times, it’s still a bit strange b/c the community I’m in and love and want to support have so many struggling TTC and here I blogging about my two. But, I made the leap and I’m trying to balance it all in this writing space. I’m sure you’ll do fine w/ the balancing and changes. Thank you for all you’ve shared and taught about OA. You’re totally awesome. And Reed’s answer was perfect.

  7. What an insightful and exciting change, Lori! I am looking forward to seeing how it unfolds, and although I am quiet these days on the commenting front, I am still here, reading and pondering and being stirred and inspired by your writing and simply by you.

  8. I guess that means you’re doing it right!

    Looking forward to the changes, although I like everything as it is already…

  9. I identified with this post since I too have lived your experience. I wrote a book on adoption. I now run a nonprofit providing education and support on adoption, and host a weekly radio show on adoption. Talk about taking up a lot of bandwidth! And yet, my kids would answer your question the same way. It’s simply not a big deal in their lives right now. I have reconciled it by more of less trying to keep what I do and the reasons I do it separate from them. Adoption is my passion, it’s not theirs.

    Dawn Davenport
    Creating a Family

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