Answer me this #18

What whole-hearted and positive statement can you make about your body? Your personality?

And, as you consider whether or not to make a comment, are you finding it easy or difficult to be whole-hearted?

18 thoughts on “Answer me this #18”

  1. I have pretty eyes. I am generally giving (qualified because the giving sometimes depends on the person and what they ask)

    I don’t find it difficult to be whole-hearted because I am a fairly straightforward person and an absolute realist. While I am more likely to tell you about my sturdy Polish legs, and the belly I inherited from my dad’s family, I also know that my eyes are my best feature. Personality, though is more difficult. Everything is qualified, because I am unlikely to be generous to people who have hurt me (i.e. I forgive, but I don’t forget).

  2. As a young girl I always felt “fat.” Into college I was very self conscious about my body. Now I am proud to say that I feel very comfortable in my own skin. I accept those things that are not perfect according to society. The thing is that my weight and shape have not really changed since high school. It is all a mind set.

  3. I love my long legs, and though I want to snark on my thighs, I’m holding back and proud of how far they carry me on long runs.

  4. I can whole heartedly say that I love my body for all the times it has comforted, cuddled, and soothed my loved ones and all the kids I’ve cared for – whenever I feel unkind towards my body, I remember those times to turn my thoughts around!

  5. That is a difficult one for me. I’m getting a little better at it but it’s still really hard for me to say there is something about my body that I whole heartedly love. My personality? Sure. That’s my sense of humor. My body? More difficult. I’d have to say either my eyes or my smile.

  6. I read this the day after it was published and then got distracted. For many hours while I was doing other things I thought about what I would put and – this part surprised me – I found I wanted to describe what I was saying with negative details.

    As in:
    My body is strong. As in “healthy” but not as healthy as I want it to be, but I feel like it won’t let me down in the near future. Well, not more than it has in terms of reproduction . . .

    Yeah, like that. The funny thing is that I see myself as having a pretty good self esteem.

    Personality wise – I like that I can get along with a lot of different personality types if I want to. I am good at reading people and telling them what they want to hear while still being honest. Like the verbal dance that goes on in job interviews.

  7. I like that I genuinely like people for exactly who they are. ( unless they are evil, or full of ridicule for defenseless people). This is not to say I don’t have lively discussions. … That people don’t ever annoy me .. But I find myself liking them anyway.

    I am also optimistic. I got this from both my parents. Even as my mom I slowly being consumed by cancer, she finds ways to say..”hey, it could be worse”

    About my body: I like my hair…. Also from my wonderful, kind, sassy mom! ( Mom’s hair is thinner … Chemotherapy . “Hey, at least I am lucky enough to live in a country where chemo is available. At least it is working. … For now. It could be worse.”. Mom even named her wig. But I digress.

    1. I agree with all your points. I so admire your good-heartedness toward others, and have been on the receiving end of it many times 🙂

      And your optimism has affected me, too. Love your mama. And not just because she introduced me to Dark & Stormys.

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