14 thoughts on “Dry spell”

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  2. Hmm, a second vote for the “Robger” update, and maybe some garden photos? Do you grow veggies and/or herbs? I’m curious to see what stage they’re at in CO at this time of year.

  3. When was the last time we had a 70’s TV trivia contest? Something evil and impossible that the rest of us can only gawk at in wonder, as all your smarter followers chomp down hard for glory.

    Do you think the Tea Party is just the “GOP Reloaded”? What’s your dad think about it?

    What’s new, or the same, or regrettable, or lamentable, or brilliant – now that you’re almost a decade into parenthood?

    What’s it mean when someone tells you your 8th chakra is traumatized? I thought there were only 7. And could it be causing my tinnitus? Or is that just too much sugar?

    Now, where’s the free chocolate?

  4. Hmmmm… How is parenting different in Syria and Japan from the U.S.?

    How is your garden … And do you want some strawberry or mint plants?

  5. My marvel at what people will do for free chocolate?

    That’s my choice from above but if I may add another – another one of your thought provoking questions.

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