Lori’s Childhood Trivia 13.0

It’s been a LONG while, so let’s play a round of Lori’s~~~Childhood~~~Trivia! (Cue game show music.)

Welcome to the most nostalgic game show in this corner of the Internet. The rules are easy. Each day there is a new clue about something from the 1970s. One guess per person per day and no googling.

By entering a guess, you are eligible to grab the image below and add it to your bloggy bling. Get the code here.

If you win, you get upgraded from Player bling to Winner bling (like Andy‘s). Groovy, man.


(Cue kettle drums.)

The category is Entertainment.

Clue #1: discarded anatomy

(Cue suspenseful music.)

What’s your guess?

15 thoughts on “Lori’s Childhood Trivia 13.0”

  1. I have no idea, you know, since I was born in…1991. (kidding) I remember games from being a kid, but can’t remember all the names. I know we had some rousing Parcheesi games! 😉

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