Perfect Moment Monday: It’s baaaack!

Hiatus is over — Perfect Moment Monday is back in circulation, complete with new bloggy bling (code), from design guru Calliope. I’ve been through an identity shift and a bloggy move and here we are  honoring mindfulness again. I’ve missed doing so.


Perfect Moment Monday is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between.

Once a week we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join. Details on how to participate are at the bottom of this post, complete with bloggy bling.

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Here’s a perfect moment from my week. I hope you’ll share yours, too.


Before kids, Roger and I would lounge around in bed on Saturday mornings (don’t worry — this post isn’t going there). We’d read books or magazines and discuss new ideas. We’d do crossword puzzles together — his specialty was vocabulary and my specialty was looking at the spaces and filling in the words. One of us would make coffee and bring it up to the other. It was divine, but we were sad that we didn’t have children.

Then we did. And poof! No more lounging-around Saturday mornings. No more newspapers and crossword puzzles. Up at 6 am or whenever the baby/toddler/little person needed to be fed/changed/entertained.

But somewhere in the last few years, our kids got  little more independent and discovered Saturday morning cartoons. They don’t wake us anymore. Usually.

One recent Saturday, Tessa and Reed both came into our bedroom at a reasonable hour, after 8 am. They both wanted to  cuddle, so there we were, four-in-a-bed, giggling, talking, planning, enjoying. Cuddled and warm. Starting the weekend in the best possible way.

I realized it was just like my own childhood. Sheri, Tami and I would get up early to watch Land of the Lost. When that was over, we’d sneak along our parents’ bed (probably not too unnoticeably), shock them awake (at least they allowed us to believe so) and cuddled and giggled, five-in-a-bed.

So I have recreated one of the happy rituals from my childhood. I enjoyed it as the kid, and now I enjoy it as the adult.

When will the kids be able to help with crossword puzzles? And make coffee?


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21 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday: It’s baaaack!”

  1. I cannot wait until K can entertain himself in the morning… and sneak into our bed eventually (at a reasonable hour) to cuddle. For now, it’s the usually “Mammammmmaaa!” screams from the crib, demanding that I come NOW!

  2. How nice that you could recreate your childhood for your own children!

    I’m just pretty happy that I actually got to sleep until 6:40 on Saturday morning (of course, my daughter came in to ask about thunder at 4:45 am, and then to ask me to put the blanket on her feet at 5:50 am, but you gotta take what you can get).

  3. Very delightful!

    As soon as they are old enough to make coffee and bring to your bed, maybe you can sneak in a ‘Your Dad made coffee and breakfast’….that would be cool! 😉

  4. Lazy weekend mornings ARE great.
    Recreating fun and comforting childhood rituals is very smart.
    But the best news here is that Perfect Moment Mondays are back.

    Yay, Lori

  5. Oh Land of the Lost! What memories! 🙂

    I loved snuggling with my parents. So glad you’ve created that in your own home too.

    YAY for Perfect Moment Mondays being back!

  6. I remember Saturday mornings, sitting with several bowls of cereal (Cocoa Puffs, Trix, Count Chocula, etc.). And who could forget The Land of the Lost, (begin music here — Marshall, Will and Holly on a routine expedition…)? Sleestaks, pylons, and Dopey. Great memories!

    I loved reading your Perfect Moment today! I’m so glad that it’s back!

    Having Perfect Moment Monday back on your blog is in itself a Perfect Moment! Woo Hoo!

  7. Love everything about this post. The crossword puzzle duet, the Land of the Lost (memories!) and how it has come full-circle. So funny to read too, because I had my own cuddle moment with Reagan this morning at 4am, when she tapped on my shoulder. She rarely cuddles with me, so though she kept me awake, I take what I can get! At the same time, I’m longing for the day when she can fix her own breakfast and turn the TV on herself. It’s a lot harder these days with 3 remotes!

  8. Wierdly enough, my Perfect Moment is also about weekend mornings with the kids. I often think of those lazy watching cartoons mornings…truely a perfect moment to be a kid or parent.

  9. I love the new look….the bloggy blingy thing….it’s perfect.

    and I really enjoyed this post, because we are just now in the middle of still waking up (with Jacob normally IN our bed..UGH.).and not having any alone time on Sat or Sun but I am thinking that in a few short years that we’ll have what you have….and I’ll be looking forward to them crowding into our bed, starting our Sat for us.

    (psst….I loved Land of the Lost too!!!)

  10. love this! and welcome back perfect moments!

    I’ve been watching “mad men” and the daughter is trained quite well to make a mean mixed drink (it was the 60s after all). I think it shouldn’t be too long now. maybe a future PMM?

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