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Welcome, The Denver Channel viewers. You might be here because you saw the passel of hassle-saving products I yakked about on TV this morning.

Or you might be here because you’re a regular reader and you’d like to watch me gesticulate wildly on TV again. Here’s the link to this morning’s TV clip (now unavailable).

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Happy weekend to all!


The Limerick Chick contest closes Monday night — make sure to get your entry in. Voting begins soon so plan to check back next week.

5 thoughts on “As seen on TV”

  1. Where was the wild gesticulating? You were very calm!

    On a different note, that peek-a-roo thing reminds me of an old Schwarzenegger movie (*interlude while I go and check IMDB*) – Total Recall! There’s the one guy with another little guy growing out of his chest, and that peek-a-roo totally looks like it would fit perfectly!

    Awesome job…

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