Limerick Chick voting booth is open for group 2

Fifteen poems came in under the wire
Five lines each has to inspire
They mention blog friends
The fun never ends
Of reading them, I do not tire.

The entries have been divided into three flights. Below you’ll find 5 entries for the second set. Vote for your favorite one by Tuesday morning (poll is active for 48 hours from the time of posting).

The top vote-getter will advance to the Final round, which begins Friday, March 11.

On St Patrick’s Day, I’ll announce the winning limerick, according to the voters.

I am so glad I don’t have to make the decision, because each of the entries is absolutely limericious.

Flight 2 entries

6. Baby Smiling in Back Seat

I can’t make babies without several men
And spending fortunes again and again
I can’t whistle or spit
But still, I’m The Shit:
Infertility taught me zen.

7. Tammy

There once was a girl named Lori
In college I joined her story
Kamikazes we drank
While we studied for Hank
Economics in all of its glory

Since neither of us managed to fail
I tell you the rest of the tale
We both left college
To learn real life knowledge
That we share thru Facebook email

8. Cabbage News

Asparagus, spinach and corn
Salad tomatoes adorn
It moistens your mouth
Your hand wanders south
VeganYumYum is vegetable porn

9. It Is What It Is

The Internets connected me once to Serenity
What we’ve been through would give others anxiety
IVF brought us our sons
But we both still dream to add one
Why the f*ck must it require such complexity

10. A Year in the Life of the Fitch Family

Taterbug and Stink Bait are family in the life
Of a husband and a wife
Who turned their hearts over to God
So that infertility would no longer rule their life
Now look at us three peas in a pod.

Remember to come back Tuesday for Flight #3!

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