The poll is open: Limerick Chick 2011 Round 1

Fifteen poems came in under the wire
Five lines each has to inspire
They mention blog friends
The fun never ends
Of reading them, I do not tire.

The entries have been divided into three flights. Below you’ll find 5 entries for the first set. Vote for your favorite one by Sunday morning (poll is active for 48 hours from the time of posting).

The top vote-getter will advance to the Final round, which begins Friday, March 11.

On St Patrick’s Day, I’ll announce the winning limerick, according to the voters.

I am so glad I don’t have to make the decision, because each of the entries is absolutely limericious.

Flight 1 entries

1. Denver Laura

Lori, you have well deserved fame
We have a very similar name
You started blogging
I started following
And things have never been the same.

2. Stirrup Queens

Forever Reaching has been quiet
She tweets as if on a blog diet
She’s looking to be inspired
She’s written out; tired
Hoping like a phoenix she’ll rise up and riot

3. Motherhood Meets Me

Write Mind Open Heart.
The jester of the court needs to fart.
He tooted some gas.
That came out his ass.
Many think cutting the cheese is an art.

4. We Say IVF, They Say FIV

The wait until beta is trying
Are my embryos sticking or dying?
But c’mon girl, you’re strong
Just keep calm and carry on
One or two lines – I’m sure I’ll be crying

5. Marge in Real Life

Family is just what you make it
You can love what you have or forsake it
When you’re loved by your friends
You can take what life sends
If it’s real love, you’ll never mistake it

Remember to come back Sunday for Flight #2!   

2 thoughts on “The poll is open: Limerick Chick 2011 Round 1”

    1. Yes. But before you hit the VOTE button, make sure you know you can vote for up to 2.

      I *think* polldaddy allows one vote per IP address. It seems to not let you change your vote once submitted, though :-(.

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