Final round of the 2012 Limerick Chick contest. VOTE!

Who’ll be The Limerick Chick?
You readers get to help pick
We have the top two
They’re brilliant, so coo’
Such an homage to Saint Pat-er-ick

Our corner of the blogosphere has winnowed eight entries to two.

Here are our finalists. Vote for your favorite by 8 pm Friday night (March 16, MDT). The winner will be announced on St Patrick’s Day.

Congratulations to:

And an additional shout out to these limericists for for sharing their very witty 5-liners with us and honoring a fellow blogger (or more than one!) in doing so: Kathy, Kim Leatherdale, Lakewood, CO Macaroni Kid, Stirrup Queens, Lost in Translation, and Project Progeny.

Now, who will be the Limerick Chick for 2012? Will it be the emerging powerhouse that is Keiko, or the mighty Parenthood For Me, who wants to reclaim her 2009 and 2010 titles?

A. Keiko Zoll

Who’s the gangsta who makes blogging foxy?
This rockstar who knocks off my socks, see –
she’s a Smart One (with sass)
who takes names and kicks ass;
she’s The Smartness: JW Moxie!

B. Parenthood For Me

Our eggs and sperm lack esteem
Under a microscope they do not gleam
Ain’t the birds and the bees
Nor doing the ol’ dirty deed
Mrs. Spit says things aren’t what they seem.

To all entrants and voters, I say, Go raibh maith agaibh!

4 thoughts on “Final round of the 2012 Limerick Chick contest. VOTE!”

  1. I like to think of this as good triumphing over evil. I made my links for all the wrong reasons and paid for it in the end 🙂 I learned a valuable lesson on this after school special.

    Yay to Keiko and Parenthood for Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  2. Two great entries made the final round!
    Whomever wins might jump off the ground!
    Whether The Infertility Voice
    or Parenthood for Me is our choice,
    Mrs. Spit and The Smartness are glory bound!

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