Limerick Chick voting open for Round 2

Eight poems came in under the wire
Five lines each has to inspire
They mention blog friends
The fun never ends
Of reading them, I do not tire.

Eight entries have been divided into two flights. Below you’ll find 4 entries for the second set. Vote for your favorite one by Saturday morning (poll is active for 72 hours from the time of posting).

The top vote-getter will advance to the Final round, which begins Monday, March 12. On St Patrick’s Day, I’ll announce the winning limerick, according to the voters. I am so glad I don’t have to make the decision, because as always, each of the entries is absolutely limericious.

Flight 2 entries

1. Stirrup Queens

When a blogger barrels for votes like a powerful twister
She links to many of her ALI sisters
Project Progeny to Jen to Bio
Queenie and Eden and Keiko
A cheap act (you said it, mister)

2. Lost in Translation

If you’re feeling lost in a foreign city
But don’t want to drown yourself in self pity
Then go to your blog and say
I’m very far away
And turn chagrin into something charming and witty

3. Project Progeny

She’s got Too Many Fish to Fry,
But Jjiraffe never says Die
She’s funny and smart
And full of heart
Writing the Faces of ALI

4. Parenthood For Me

Our eggs and sperm lack esteem
Under a microscope they do not gleam
Ain’t the birds and the bees
Nor doing the ol’ dirty deed
Mrs. Spit says things aren’t what they seem.

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Congratulations to Parenthood For Me, who advances to the Final Round!

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