2013 Adoption Blogger Interview Project

Adoption Blogger Interview Project 2013In conjunction with National Adoption Awareness Month, today is part 2 of the Ad0ption Blogger Interview Project for dozens of pairs of adoption bloggers. Please allow me to introduce to you to my partner this year: Dana from Simple Hoosier Girl.

Dana is a newlywed who recently graduated from college. I suspect that her favorite color is sunny yellow. In 2010, Dana had the opportunity to travel to Russia, a place she’d always felt an affinity for. She feels called to help people who would like to adopt, people who intend to provide a home for children who need one.

Here is my interview with Dana (and hers with me).

When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging in October 2012. At the time, I wanted a way to remember my senior year and planning my wedding. By January, I realized that I was blogging for selfish reasons and wanted to have more purpose to my blog. I have been really passionate about adoption for a while. I knew that I needed to tell the stories of families who have adopted or who are adopting.

Dana of Simple Hoosier GirlWhat is your favorite post and why?
My favorite post about adopting is the Brainerd family. They were so open and receptive and were so much fun. I left meeting with them feeling totally energized and ready to take on the world. My favorite non adoption post would have to be “my seester…the one that is a tidbit older than i am.” Spending time thinking about my sister and the fun times we’ve had in life was so much fun.

What calls you to adoption? How did your trip to Russia form your opinions about adoption?
I’m so passionate about adoption because of my trip to Russia. I saw women in Russia being very responsive to God and opening up their hearts and families to adoption. I thought it was amazing, and I was moved forever. I knew from then on, I couldn’t be silent.

What does openness in adoption mean to you? What do you envision as being an ideal adoption situation, regarding openness?
Openness in adoption means being totally honest to both the child and birth parents. There will always be a bond between child and birth parents. In adoption, there will also be a special bond between child and adopted parents. I think all channels need to be open between child to adopted parent, adopted parents to child, child to birth parents, birth parents to child, birth parents to adopted parents and adopted parents to birth parents.

Besides adoption, what are you all about? What are your interests, hobbies, passions?
I love spending time with family and friends. My weekends and many weeks will consist of time spent with family and friends. We could be doing crafts or baking, but always talking and laughing and crying. Food is usually involved, also coffee, lots and lots of coffee. I love conversations and am such a people person. So most of my free time is spent with other people.

How do you intend to use your blog in the coming year?
I hope to use the blog as a way to fundraise for families. I hope to not only post the stories of families, but to also actively help them with fundraising. I also hope to do more follow-ups with families on the blog. I want to take a more active role in advocacy on the blog and in my actual life.


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  1. I admire your passion of Russia and your mission of helping adoptive families through your blog! What a great work you are doing:) There is so much negative out there; it’s nice to read about positive things happening in the adoption world.

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