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Bad Dream

I woke up the other morning in the middle of a bad dream. I’d been dreaming that someone had not only pulled my dog’s tail, but had pulled it OFF.

bichon poodle mix

In my pre-dawn dream world, my poor Dexter, proud wagger of a lush and expressive plume, would forever have to live with this amputation. And so would I.

The closest interpretation I can find of my bad dream is this:

“To dream of an animal’s tail represents obstacles and aggravation in situations where peace was anticipated.”

Well, I DID spend time on Facebook. I’m open to other guesses you may have what this dream may mean.

I had trouble shaking the feeling of anger and fear I woke up with. I remained in a grumpy mood all day. #firstworldproblem

Do you remember your dreams? Which ones stay with you more — good dreams or bad dreams? Do you try to find meaning in the ones that stay with you?


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14 thoughts on “Bad Dream”

  1. I’ve always thought of dream interpretation as more of a “depends on the person” kind of thing, instead of a “one symbol fits all.”

    That being said, my gut tells me that your dream about Dexter’s tail has to do with being worried that someone you love might suffer a loss, and you won’t be able to stop it from happening.

    If anything else pops in my brain after the coffee kicks in, I’ll be back. đŸ˜€

  2. Here’s a totally uneducated stab in the dark. Since the doggy brings you so much happiness and wagging his tail is a sign of his happiness, ergo you must therefore feel someone is trying to threaten and take away your happiness… Okay, so I’m a simpleton. For some reason, I don’t really think about my dreams much anymore. They’re typically bizarre and not too pleasant. I interpret them to mean my hormones are ever-changing.

  3. Oh no! Poor dream Dexter! And ha, that the horror that is Facebook right now (ever?) could be a trigger for stress. That seems entirely plausible to me. I am not a good dream interpreter, but I always remember the distressing ones more than the good ones. I have a dream book that I look at from time to time, because I used to have recurrent tornado dreams (which apparently mean change and turbulence are coming). Haven’t had one of those in nearly a decade! I like Traci’s interpretation of this one. The loss of a fluffy tail that brings happiness has to be related to other loss fears for sure!

  4. Expanding a bit on Lori’s interpretation: the loss of Dexter’s tail is the loss of the path you thought you were on. That unforeseen hardships have come to light.

  5. Oh, poor Dexter! Thank goodness it was only a dream!
    I do dream and have finally started remembering them again (getting more uninterrupted sleep these days). But, if I don’t take the time before jumping out of bed and start moving to actually remember what I was dreaming, I’ll forget for sure. In fact, I vaguely remember waking to a strange dream this morning.

  6. The bad dreams stay with me more and affect my mood during the day.

    But that was a really freaky dream! Someone doing something awful to someone you love.

  7. I think Dex would be cute no matter what — tail or not. BUT…I know how it feels to have a dream feel so real that it impacts your mood. Two of the classes I took for my master’s degree had to do with dream interpretation and how dreams are used to tap into your subconscious. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all interpretation. I think it depends on the dreamer, what the dream was and what your interpretation is of it. One of the easier ways to play with your dreams is to journal. Maybe start by writing down your dream and then using inspirational writing to see what else comes up.

  8. I usually end up laughing at my scary dreams – I might wake up frightened, but eventually end up finding the circumstances beyond ridiculous.

    I have no dream interpretation skills, so I can’t offer any insight. I would have woken up angry too, though.

  9. I have been dreaming lately that my teeth are falling out. Sometimes I’m unaware, sometimes I don’t care and other times I’m frantically trying to shove them back in my gums. I think this means I should see my dentist more often… đŸ˜›

    The above comments on what your dream could mean all seem valid to me, so it could be parts of them all. Regardless, I’m glad dear Dexter was unharmed in real life.

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