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What was IN that coffee!?

It’s important to honor the journey of those on the path of infertility and to occasionally mark the progress and triumphs.

It can be sticky to do so, though, because when navigating IF, we move forward at different speeds and on different sub-paths. Still, if I were to put off a Status Check until everybody was fulfilled, we might wait indefinitely, due to the revolving-door nature of the beast.

So here is a status check, mentioning by name those ColoBloggers who have found the exit, and acknowledging those whose time is yet to come.

Fourteen months ago, I blogged about the first meeting of the ColoBloggers, a coffee klatch. Here we were back then, not a zygote in the bunch. There were some tears shed that morning about that fact.

Here’s an update of those ladies in attendance, from L-R.

  • Heidi: her daughter was born a few days ago
  • Nancy: Karl was born in January, 2009
  • Denise: Twins Nathan and Bayla born in December, 2008
  • Meg: is in her 29th week with Sprout, a boy
  • K: is in her 25th week with a daughter
  • Me: no family additions (except for Molly, who now goes by “Fishie”)
  • Duffy: Zane was born in January, 2009

Other ColoBloggers with family updates:

  • Jen: Son “O” was born in February, 2009
  • Maryanne: Twins Carley and Caitlyn born in March, 2009
  • Melissa: Is fostering (with the hope of adopting) 4 year-old twins Jack and Jill

At the same time we honor the good fortunes of these women, we also acknowledge the ongoing journey of other ColoBloggers who continue to hope and wait. Who knows what will be announced in the coming 14 months?

I close with the same dedication I made after that first coffee get-together.

The latest from the ColoBloggers

**UPDATED with new donations!**

We ColoBloggers* are angling to bring Melissa Ford to a book signing this summer when The Land of IF is available. We’ve got some of the expenses covered, but we are looking to raise airfare for her and her family to travel to Denver.

We hope to raise $1000 ourselves and another $1000 through sponsorship (anyone have connections with a company/clinic that would like to give back to the community?).

Regarding our portion:

  • MaryBeth has donated her photography services. (Leave a comment on her blog if you’d like to talk portraits with her, or if you’d like to buy some of her stunning photographs.)
  • I am donating an adoption profile review. Contact me if you’d like to purchase this for yourself or for someone else going through the process of domestic infant adoption.
  • Kristin is donating proceeds from an Obama DVD she’s compiled. For just $5 plus shipping, she’ll send you a DVD of the inauguration, the first speech, and the festivities of Inauguration Day. All $5 will go toward the Melissa fund. Email her for YOUR piece of history.
  • BattyNurse is donating proceeds from a 10-pack of hand-stamped cards, at $15 a pack. You can see her fabulous selection here. Such talent! Email her to order.

Got something to donate? Let me know and I’ll highlight here.

As for sponsorship: got contacts with a clinic that would like to hear the following sentence?

“The Tattered Cover is delighted to welcome Melissa Ford.
Melissa is brought to you by the super-duper reproductive endocrinologists at
Get-You-Pregnant, LLC.”

Let me know.

* Check out our baby boomlet: Nancy, Spicy Sister, Jen, Meg, Denise, Heidi, and Maryanne. Fertile thoughts going out to our other members.


Because of the response to my pottery painting post, I am organizing a pottery painting day for all of my local readers — bloggers or not, fertile, infertile or otherwise, artistic or not.

It’s tentatively scheduled for Sunday February 22nd at 2 pm here, so mark your calendar.

Please leave your email address in a comment (or send it to me) if you’d like an Evite.

Yes, we can bring our own wine. Which will help the creative process immensely.


I’ll have mine in June 09.
Want yours, too?
Just click through.

Uterii, syringes and coffee, oh my!

We ColoBloggers had our very first meeting this weekend. We regaled the other patrons at Nordstrom’s Cafe with our animated talk of hoohahooterii, sharps containers and RE chatter. Next time we’ll bring flip charts and maybe a PowerPoint presentation.

Here we are, from left to right: Heidi, Nancy, Denise, Meg, K, me, and Duffy. Don’t we look well caffeinated and well understood?

Each of these amazing women bring an integral piece to the IF mosaic. Each of us will find our own way through the infertility maze. I once dedicated a song to the Barren Bi+ches Book Brigade, and I now want to share it with my fellow ColoBloggers, about the constant craving we share.


That’s the news from the West Side. As for the East Side, we have a very important message for the Order of the Plastic Uterus, especially for Bernardo:


Love always, Riff.

Getting (mile) high with ColoBloggers

Meeting the DC Bloggers was so fun and fulfilling! But why should Washington DC -ers have all the fun? Every locale should have the chance to meet fellow bloggers face-to-face, don’t you think?

Meet the members of the Colorado Bloggers.

If you live in Colorado and blog about infertility, pregnancy loss, adoption (any part of the triad), pregnancy-and-parenting after infertility, assisted conception, living child-free after infertility or loss, and if you’d like to be included in this listing and on emails about gatherings, click on the icon to send me an email (bestlightlori at gmail).

If you ever travel to Colorado, let us know and we’ll try to set up a meeting in your honor.

Here is our list of ColoBloggers:

We had our first get-together in Feb at the Nordstrom’s Cafe in Park Meadows.
We met in April at Taza de Cafe in NW Denver.
We met for Sex and the City in June.
We met in Meg’s living room in August.
Next meeting….?