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Well THAT was easy

That being this.

Here were the OTHER clues I was planning to use:

  • Plant (as in hanger)
  • Neck (as in necklace)
  • Waist (as in belt)
  • قرمة

That last one is Arabic for migramah, meaning “striped towel,” “ornamental fringe,” or “embroidered veil.” It has evolved into “macramé.”

So Andy wins again, with Martha earning honorable mention. Yay, Andy!

As a kid I made tons of owls like this one — image removed. (Well, not quite as nice.)


I received a package this week from Hecate May that contained To-Go Ware bamboo utensils and a Envirosax reusable shopping bag. I LOVE them! So beautiful and functional. Just like Hecate May (a/k/a Mrs Spock). Thanks!

And a mystery package arrived yesterday containing gourmet dark chocolate. No identifying information….anyone want to ‘fess up?

To my unknown benefactor, yummmmmmm. I am in theobroma heaven, and I bow down to you. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness.

Now I will try to solve the mystery.

Lori’s Childhood Trivia Round 10

It’s time for another rousing round of Lori’s Childhood Trivia!

(Cue game show music.)

Welcome to the most nostalgic game show in this corner of the Internet! The rules are easy. Each day, I put out a new clue about something from the 1970s. One guess per person per day and no googling.

By entering a guess, you are eligible to grab the image below and add it to your bloggy bling.

If you win, you get upgraded from Player bling to Winner bling (like Andy‘s). Groovy, man.

(Cue kettle drums.)

The category is phenomenon.

Clue #1: hemp

(Cue suspenseful music.)

Whaddaya say?


Andy wins with her answer of Electric Company.

Reviewing the clues:

Clue#1: Anita (West Side Story) Rita Moreno
Clue #2: Violet (Willy Wonka) Denise Nickerson, who was in the Short Circus
Clue #3: Chauffeur (Driving Miss Daisy) Morgan Freeman
Clue #4: David (as in Letterman, The Adventures of)
Clue #5: Cliff (Huxtable, in The Cosby Show)
Clue #6: Bismarck-ish. Or maybe Moorhead-ish. (Fargo North, Decoder!)
Clue #7: Furniture-philia (Love of Chair)
Clue #8: Coco (as in Fame) Irene Cara, who was in the Short Circus

It was Laugh In for children, just a terrifically entertaining show, chock full of talent. I wish they’d remake it for my kids’ generation.

I just checked out (again) the Best of Electric Company from the library. This week the kids and I will sit down with some of my favorite skits.

Like this one (notice the guy once known as “Easy Reader”).

Thanks for playing, YOU GUYS!