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Show & Tell: Royal Coil

Alternate title: “You are getting sleeeeeepy.”

I’ve written before about my fascination with mandalas.

Coloring one causes a kind of planned zoning out, and takes me to a meditative place, even if I’m in a room full of family members and we are coloring and chatting together, as we did over Thanksgiving week.

I love this image. It’s purple and it swirls both in and out. It’s symmetrical and orderly, yet infinite. I might make it my Twitter avatar someday. Anyone know how to animate it? Make it rotate?

You can get your own blank copies of mandala designs here to color as you’d like.

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Show & Tell: Name That Blogger! 2.1

I’m using Show & Tell this week to kick off Round 2 of Name That Blogger!

It’s the accidental game invented when I got snarky awhile back with Lollipop Goldstein.

It’s easy: based on the clues below, find the blogger and the post. Your universe is the ALI blogroll, something posted November 16-24. You get up to 2 guesses per day. A new clue will go up each day (dependent upon my Internet access) until we have the answer I’m looking for.

If you play, you are eligible to put this button on your blog. Please help spread the word!

Here’s the first clue for Round 2:

Clue #1: Domesticity

Leave in a comment your guess that includes:

1. The blog name
2. The post title
3. The post’s URL

Happy hunting!

Also: feel free to host your own Name That Blogger! contest on your own blog anytime you find a blogger/post you want to spotlight (in a diffused light kind of way).

A very happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. Gobble.

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Show & Tell: Better off red

The kids were both in school but Roger and I had Veteran’s Day off. So we had a date in our city.

After lunch (which included acai sangria), we strolled over three of Denver’s bridges toward downtown. On the way, we found this:

Photo by Jeffrey Beall (his is better than mine).

National Velvet is by artist John McEnroe (not the tennis player, I presume). The sculpture was dedicated a year ago today.

Denver does like its primary colors, doesn’t it?

I have sudden urge to prepare kidney beans for dinner.

See what my classmates are showing and telling over at Mel’s Show & Tell.