If I go any deeper I may turn into Hope

If you’ve been keeping up with my tweets this last few weeks, you know that Season 1 of thirtysomething came in for me at the library.

And that I watched all 21 episodes in a week. And still it was not enough. I also checked out the thirtysomething songbook.

So indulge me with my first ever vlogging effort. I don’t have a fancy mic, so you might have to listen hard.

Or maybe not.

For the record, this is what I was aiming for.

16 thoughts on “If I go any deeper I may turn into Hope”

  1. You rock!! I’ll admit to never having seen “thirtysomething” (a bit before my time, I’m not even thirtysomething yet) 😉 and I was kinda hoping there would be lyrics to the theme song. But nevertheless, I’m completely impressed, as usual.

  2. Spot on!

    The question is: what else is in the thirtysomething songbook aside from the theme song?

    When I went to the Franklin Institute (around age 20), I was quite excited to walk inside the huge scale model of the human heart because I’d seen it on thirtysomething.

  3. I did clap maniacally. Maybe I’ll go and listen later to what you were ‘aiming’ for, but I liked what I heard just fine. Your family is so talented. I love the nice direct smiling look into the camera as you shut it off.

    I also loved 30-something. I wish I’d been with you to join the marathon. My 30-something girlfriends and I used to have regular get-togethers to watch. I never understoodthe ‘whiny, self-absorbed’ criticism. They didn’t seem at all self-absorbed to me. Did you happen to listen to ‘Talk of the Nation’ when they interviewed most of the cast when the episodes were released?

  4. Thank you for sharing one of your many talents.

    Is it just me or did I see ping pong balls in the palms of your hands?

    Inside joke: our piano teacher used to have us play holding ping pong balls to help us keep the right hand position. She turned 90-something over Thanksgiving week.

    Happy Birthday Mrs. D! Thank you for teaching us how to play, hold ping pong balls and smell the keys!

  5. I seemed to have forgotten that you can play piano….or did I ever know?

    Been appreciating your 30something retrospective – especially since I was there for, and participated in, the original obsession. I think I have my Ellen t-shirt around somewhere. Still have your Hope?


  6. Yay! Bravo! I watched Season One too quickly and now I have to wait for Netflix to deliver Season Two in January. 🙂

  7. Ha. Very nice Lori and I’m impressed you still play. I’ve come to view the piano as a nice piece of furniture on which i can put photos and christmas cards.

    Maniacally applauding. I like the adjective maniacally. Is it real?

    but sadly we are about 300 years behind tv wise so I have no idea what you were playing.

  8. I also loved thirtysomething. Would be interesting to see it again all these years later & see if I still felt the same!

    Still trying to catch up on almost a month’s backlog of posts in my reader…!

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