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For my 2-year (2009) and my 4-year (2011) blogoversaries, my readers gave me the most meaningful presents imaginable. They told me which of my posts have made an impression on them. Here are some readers’ favorites.

Stand Alone Favorites

The Space Between: In the moments while my son is in urgent care, I become aware of my mind chatter and the fact that I don’t know anything.

The Good Son: my husband and his dying mom, Grandma Marshmallow. The image is worth — well, it’s priceless.

The Coffee Shop (and resulting advice from readers): WWYD??

Perfect Moment Mondays: weekly exercise in mindfulness. Such as The Homing, nominated by Meredith and Lotsa Boca Goodness nominated by Kathy.

Generations: Posts about my mom and my dad (Oopiderf).

Documentation: Journaling the lives of my kids and me. Or, Why Blogging Comes Easy.

Mini Series

Judgy Mc Judgerson: A woman at a street festival bugs the crap out of me. Judgy much?

The Rainbow Within Chakra Series

1st: Root chakra
2nd: Sacral chakra
3rd: Solar plexus chakra
4th: Heart chakra
5th: Throat chakra
6th: Third-eye chakra
7th: Crown chakra


The Bastard Conversation: My daughter asks if she is one.

Returning to the Well: What happens when Tessa spends time with her birth mom.

Reunion in Open Adoption Series

Pottery Painting

The Divine Feminine

City Scape

Images: C Victor Posing Studios, Lisa Brown-Olsen, LavenderLuz

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  2. Hi there! This is so neat. I love the humor on your web site and want to play too. I just released my novel, Chasing Her Destiny, which is about hope, love and adoption. I would love to be part of your circle and would then post some of your happenings on my circle and my web site. What else can I tell you? Please write back.
    Terri Friedlander,

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