Oh pretty playmate: clues #3, 4, 5 and a WINNER

I’m gathering items for a virtual prize for Mel at Stirrup Queens. In it will be a Dr Demento 8-track, a pair of Dittos jeans, and a videocassette of Saturday Night Fever. Also, a recording of my parents yelling, “Make sure you come in when the streetlights come on!”

Earlier this week I invited you to play Childhood Trivia with me. With only bare-bones clues, Mel got the answer I was looking for. Here’s where things stand so you can test your wits: it’s a TV show from the 70s. It’s not Golden Girls, any Cosby show (including Fat Albert), Dukes of Hazzard, CHiPs, or The Gong Show. Adding the remaining clues:

Clue #1: buzz
Clue #2: phenomenon
Clue #3: PBS
Clue #4: Fannee Doolee
and my personal favorite, Clue #5: Bernadette
Mel correctly guessed Zoom. I loved this show. I loved when it was time to roll out the barrel. I loved the Zoom Phenomenon. I had the hots for David, and I have used Bernadette’s “arm thing” to temporarily tame more than one classroom of kids.

For some nostalgia, click on the short clips below. I enjoyed our play date!

16 thoughts on “Oh pretty playmate: clues #3, 4, 5 and a WINNER”

  1. …at Boston, Mass., 02134…Send it to Zoom!!! I loved waking up on Sundays mornings to watch that show!!! Thanks for the stroll down memory lane!!!

  2. Dear Canadians — maybe us having Zoom makes up for you having all those great comics (Michael Myers — swoon!)WG — Box 350!Mel — you are so incredibly tuned in, it’s scary. More another time, for sure.Nancy — good question! 2 verses.Oh pretty playmateCome out and play with meAnd bring your dollies threeClimb up my apple treeSlide down my rain barrelAnd through my cellar doorAnd we’ll be jolly friendsForever more, moreEverlasting more.Oh pretty playmateI cannot play with youMy dolly has the fluBoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hooAint got no rain barrelAing got no cellar doorStill we’ll be jolly friendsForever more, moreEverlasting more.Where did you grow up? It’s probably a regional thing.

  3. So how did YOU sing the playmate song? I didn’t sing it with “pretty” in it. My version was sung:Shimmy Shimmy my playmateCome out and play with meAnd bring your dolly threeClimb up my apple treeSlide down my rainbowInto my cellar doorAnd we’ll be jolly friendsFor ever more.I know how everyone has different versions of things like that – and I don’t think anyone is more right than another. But as blogherads have had your title in the sidebar for days and days now, each time I see it – it seems “wrong” to me! (not that you are wrong, just not the way I sang it!)

  4. My friend didn’t cut her son’s hair until he was three and we used to call him Zoom Boy as he ran around the room with his long hair and stripey shirt.It should be added that it was a lucky guess–I was throwing out several tv shows on that last guess. Let’s play another round.

  5. Nancy — thanks for throwing in the “New Jersey.” That’ll really raise the quality of my playmate-seeking cleintele.Sunny — you WERE deprived! I should start a campaign to release the boxed set and send one to you.MM –Yes on the “Fish Heads” — an awesome choice. And it would have to include “They’re Coming to Take Me Away.”Niobe — those would be good clues, too. ubI lubove ubbububbby dububbubby lubanguabage. (Easier to speak than it is to type) and consider it my second language. I just didn’t want to be too obvious on the early clues.

  6. I watched Zoom all the time, but I guess I wasn’t paying attention or I just don’t remember it all that well, because I never would have gotten it from those clues. I associate it with Ubby Dubby and the jingle that ended “Send it to Zoom! That’s Z double O M, Boston Mass, 0 -2-1-3-4.”

  7. Heck — maybe we should send it to Al Qaeda.(And Darfur and Congo and Burma and ….)Zoom Peace.

  8. I’m thinking that perhaps we should export Zoom to the canucks as a sign of friendship and goodwill? 😉

  9. OMG, Nancy. Do you know what your comment made me realize?Now google is going to send me all the seekers of pretty playmates.Should make this blog more popular, but the seekers disappointed.

  10. A few of my words are wrong, now that I think of it … It was “my dollies three” and “rain barrel” makes way more sense than “rainbow”, but we definitely used rainbow.The second verse sounds very familiar. I almost forgot there was a second one, but I don’t remember it well enough to tell you exactly how I sang it. Per some googling – I found:Say, say, oh playmate,Come out and play with meAnd bring your dollies threeClimb up my apple treeShout down my rain barrelSlide down my cellar doorAnd we’ll be jolly friendsForever more more more more moreSay, say, oh playmateI cannot play with youMy dolly’s got the fluBoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hooAin’t got no rain barrelAin’t got no cellar doorBut we’ll be jolly friendsForever more more more more more I saw some other versions, but no where do I see my beginning of “shimmy shimmy”. “say say” seems to be most popular, but I’ve also seen “oh playmate..”, “hey hey” …, “cee cee …”, and “see see …” I did see a reference to “oh pretty playmate”, but that was just a reference to THIS blog! heh.I’m sure it was just whatever the kids sang where we were. Kind of like a game of telephone. I grew up in phoenix at that age.

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