Perfect Moment Monday: Good son

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It’s one thing to see my husband, day-in, day-out, as a spouse and father.  I sometimes forget to even notice all he is and does for our family.

But this week, I saw Roger in a new light: as a son. We have been visiting his mom, who calls herself Grandma Marshmallow, but whom we call Grandma Lisa.

Grandma Lisa was diagnosed earlier this summer with Stage 4 lung cancer.

Obvious statement alert…cancer sucks.
Understatement alert…chemo sucks.

Roger has worked tirelessly during his extended stay to cook for his mom, to fix up her bathroom with bars and handles, clean out her attic, groom her yard, shop for groceries, cheer her on, nourish her soul.

She entered the room after a nap yesterday and he greeted her cheerfully with the simple words, “Hi, Mom,” delighted to see her.

And witnessing tenderness in his voice, the latest in a long string of kind words and deeds, I experienced a perfect moment, just by noticing how extra-ordinary my husband is.

I suspect he gets it from his mom.


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35 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday: Good son”

  1. Oh, Lori. I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve visited… I had no idea. Sending you, your amazing husband and his sweet mom lots of love and prayers. Much strength to all of you.

  2. WOW what a touching post…. and I thing its enlighting to see others in a light we dont normally see them….
    The photo says it all…. and is very symbolic ….. a Sons Love for his Mother….

  3. This was so touching…my mother-in-law is struggling with cancer, and my aunt just finished treatments….so difficult. My heart goes out to you all. And that photo is amazingly precious.

  4. What a precious picture. And how amazing it is that when we get to see our husbands being a compassionate son.

    Sending prayers to your MIL and your family. And yes, cancer does suck!


  5. Oh Lori, perfect indeed…and so moving, that picture touched my heart.
    My heart and prayers to your family right now…go Grandma Marshmallow! You are a beautiful woman.

    thanks for sharing this with us.,…and know I am thinking of you.

  6. I still have tears in my eyes from your wonderful Perfect Moment description to the touching picture.

    I’ve seen Roger in so many roles…and (understatement alert), he is wonderful.

    I’m sending Lisa and the rest of the family loving, healing energy.

  7. Cancer does suck. But Roger is wonderful to be so present (and supportive) of his mom at such an awful time. Love to you all. Xo

  8. I too had misty eyes upon viewing your sweet photograph.

    Hugs and well wishes to Grandma Lisa.

    And kudos to your husband for being the amazing, giving person he is. What a great “perfect moment” seeing him take care of his mama.

  9. What a touching photo. I hope your MIL fares ok with her treatment. Cancer sucks, so does the treatment. She is lucky to have such a wonderful family supporting her.

  10. Oh, wow, what a sweet story. I don’t have that kind of relationship with my mom. He may be a good son, but I bet she is a good mother too.

    Uh, not that my mom isn’t good . . . she does the best that she can. Gosh, now you have me thinking about why my relationship with my mother isn’t better and how I may contribute to that. The natural extension to that is and how I might foster a good relationship with my daughters

    Lori, I don’t have time for this! I have too much to get done today. Once again, a thought-spurring post. Perhaps I will have time to ponder it and the post about it.

  11. I’m sorry about Roger’s mom. It must all-around suck. But what a great photo – it’s perfect!

    p.s. Do they ever find lung cancer before stage IV? This is the third woman I’ve heard about in the last 2 years being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. Scary.

    1. Lung cancer is a sneaky one. It easily moves to other organs and areas before becoming symptomatic. I’m sorry to hear this is around you even more :-(.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  12. A beautiful moment shared between mother and son . . . A “Count Your Blessings” moment for all of us . . . Roger’s our hero, as is his mom. Love to all.

      1. You know, “they” say you can tell everything you need to know about a man, by the way he treats his mother . . . aren’t you lucky? Keeping all in our prayers.

  13. As late as I am in reading up your back posts…this one really touched me.

    I am happy that you married such a nice human being.

    I am not sure of what Grandma Lisa’s prognosis is, but I pray for healing for her.

    It is hard for a family to see a loved one being snatched by any evil disease.

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  15. Hi!
    I stumbled across your blog and became an instant fan. I am a birthmother who placed my daughter for adoption in 1995. As you know, back then open adoption was most certainly not common. I was blessed to meet the most amazing parents for my daughter. Her mother, as I am my daughter’s “Christi”, and I became very close because our relationship was based and founded upon respect, trust and honesty. Our adoption was very open…..and it was from the start.

    I am posting on this portion of your blog because sadly, my daughter’s mother passed away in December 2010 from breast cancer. She was a big part of my life as well and I miss her dearly.

    Thank you for advocating so relentlessly for open adoption. As a birthmother, my adoption being open made the healing easier..the scar is always there but the pain, sadness, and grief was worth it because I was doing what was best for my daughter and I had the opportunity to witness that first hand because of the open adoption. It is a gift that I’ll forever cherish as I know that wasn’t a choice they had to make but they did because they felt it was best for my daughter and in the end that’s what mattered most.

    Warm and kind regards,

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