Perfect Moment Monday: Marvin Gardens

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Here’s a perfect moment from my week. I hope you’ll share yours, too.


Our children have hit the Monopoly age.

We got out our long-dormant Monopoly game and learned a lot about each other.

1. Tessa LOVES being the banker. It’s wonderful to watch her hone her math skills and practice her number relationships. She’ll always loan me money when I get in a bind.

2. Sweet Reed is ruthless! He’ll put his own mother out on the street if she can’t afford to stay in his hotel on Park Place.

3. Roger has a wheeling-dealing side I’d never seen. He’ll conspire with Reed to gain monopoly on all the railroads. Then when I land on B&O they’ll twirl their dastardly moustaches saying, “You MUST pay the rent, you MUST pay the rent, you MUST pay the rent today!”

4. I’m OK with losing as long as there is a lot of giggling involved.

We played way past bedtime just enjoying ourselves and each other.

The only imperfection in this post is that I am loath to mention the manufacturer of this game.


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22 thoughts on “Perfect Moment Monday: Marvin Gardens”

  1. But I CAN’T pay the rent, but I CAN’T pay the rent, but I CAN’T pay the rent to-day!

    Ah, yes, I remember many, many versions of that skit performed at Camp Fire campouts or day camp, etc.

    CURSES! Foiled again!!! AHahahahaha. Great memories!

  2. I was there just last week and got to play Monopoly with your kids. I can attest to the fact that they both take their capitalism seriously … but no one knocked the board over. They were very civil.

  3. So jealous! I love games and especially Monopoly. You do learn a lot about people in that game. How much fun! Hubby isn’t a game player, but, now that we have Reagan, he will be forced to pass GO!

  4. we *just* had a conversation this morning about how the retro games are coming back, how they are still selling now, and how parents are dusting off their old board games to play with their kids for more quality family time than video and computer games. fun!

  5. Ut oh. When I played with them Reed was as sweet as can be, loaning money to anyone and everyone in need. I was ruthless with him. I fear I’ve scarred him for life.

  6. I played a couple of games of War over the weekend, but didn’t see the Monopoly game pulled out.

    I remember playing Monopoly while growing up (and my kids went through their phase of playing it too).

    I always wanted to be the banker, but usually gave in to my older sister (not mentioning any names). She is also the one who hoarded the Railroads and Blue real estate — Park Place, Boardwalk, Mediterranean and Baltic Avenue.

    Great memories!

  7. Yes, Owen and I have been playing some Monopoly lately. For some reason, he’s got a real affinity for those yellow properties (isn’t that where Marvin Gardens is?), and of course Park & Boardwalk — holding the vision of wiping out all other players(me). Not only are there strategy math skills going on, but also negotiating, which we’re still working on.

    He also likes Life, which he views primarily as an accumulation of money at this point. But then again, many people do. Funny that there’s no card for a “Breakdown. Pay therapist $5000).

  8. I always wanted to be the top hat! I have so many memories of playing Monopoly. Loved it. So glad your family enjoys it too.

  9. Love Monopoly moments! I have a perfect monopoly moment from way back…Christmas almost 10 years ago. There was a huge ice storm in my hometown and we were without power for a couple days. My family played Monopoly by candlelight! Love it! 🙂

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