Show & Tell: Science project

Subtitle: How I ended up on the N0Fly List.

Reed, Grade 1, had his first Minds at Work Exhibition.

It was 99% self-directed (I insisted he change his focus from “weapons” to “military weapons”) and 99% completed by Reed himself (I wrote the answers he gathered through an interview with his uncle so he could copy them; I googled for images). He was to choose a topic and run with it, resulting in a tri-part board that reflects his vision of his project.

Which turned out like this.

Click to enlarge

I’m hoping I can still get on airplanes, and worrying that men in black will arrive at my door to take me away. So if I should suddenly disappear, look for my habeas corpus at Guan.tanamo.

See the cool stuff my classmates are showing and telling over at Mel’s Show & Tell.

24 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Science project”

  1. Pretty sure the squirrel picture takes you OFF the list. But, just in case, don’t be looking up any explosives recipes…

  2. That’s some pretty serious stuff he’s got there. What’s going ON at that house of yours? LOL.

    I grew up in a military house/town, so something like that for a science project would have been no big deal.

  3. What a great job, Reed!

    It is sad that we live in a day and age where I wonder if Big Brother is flagging my computer because of what Hubby & I have googled. Because at 2am, we can come up with some pretty crazy stuff.

  4. Great job Reed and mom!

    Jeez I hope stuff on our google list doesn’t land us on the no-fly list. I’ll have trouble getting to BlogHer then…LOL.

  5. Awesome job Reed! And yes, I’d be looking over my shoulder too… especially when walking alone to your car. 😉 Heehee.

  6. It could have been worst, you could have insisted he title it The Right to Bear Arms or something like that.

    Great project!

  7. I wonder what the other posters were about. Transformers, the life story of Miley Cyrus, Malia Obama, stuff like that? Pretty sure Reed had the only weapons exhibit.

  8. Great project! Especially the squirrel picture. Don’t worry, if you go missing, we got your back!

  9. Where did he get all the gun photos from? You might have to carry the project with you on your next plane trip.

  10. This is what kids do in 1st grade?! Oh my do I have some prepping to do! He did a wonderful job!

    And should you be banned from DIA, there is always the train!

  11. Reed did a great job on his project. VERY detailed for a 1st grader!

    I’ll make sure his Uncle sees the results of their joint research. 🙂

  12. Super cool! We’ve been having fun with homework for the first time this year, I hadn’t even thought about PROJECTS yet. Great job, Reed!

  13. LOL you are so listed. And you used to live in Syria too, forget about it! Seriously awesome project, I can only guiess how his teacher will be floored and the other kids like WTF Reed. In a jealous type of way of course.

  14. I can’t tell you how often I hear from parents in my neighborhood that they do their children’s projects.

    I don’t get it- the learning is more important, right?

    Of course, I’d die of shock if you did.

    I can see my son, who at nearly two is fascinated with guns and pretending to blow things up, being fascinated by weapons in the future.

  15. Awesome project!! My hubby would just keel over with happiness if one of our sons picked that topic. I’m pretty sure you guys are safe. Just don’t email any threats to the president, because the secret service “visited” a kid in our high school when he did that.

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