Show & Tell: Wedding invitation

This past week, Roger and I marked the 15th anniversary of our engagement (click all images to magnify).

As longtime readers may guess, we are not the traditional type that would have a traditional wedding. Or traditional wedding invitations.

And before we had children, we were big film aficionados.

These were the RSVP cards.

And, as if out of a time capsule, our closing arguments in why invitees should attend our wedding.

See what my classmates are showing and telling over at Mel’s Show & Tell.

50 thoughts on “Show & Tell: Wedding invitation”

  1. Oooo…ooo…now I want to get married all over again!!! To the same guy, of course, just do it YOUR way so we could have some FUN!!!

    Congrats on your many happy years together and, dang — can’t wait to see the invites to your 25th anniversary party!

  2. I just like you more and more the more I get to know you. 🙂 Those are definitely my favorite wedding invites EVER.

    Love. Them.

  3. Ok, I knew there was a reason I liked you. THOSE ARE THE COOLEST WEDDING INVITATIONS EVER. I am very, very impressed. I had no idea you not only creative, but also nonconformist! No embossed lilies for YOU. 🙂

  4. Lori, those are the COOLEST invites/announcements EVER! My heart expanded several more notches for you!!! Love ’em.

    YOU were the one who proposed? Love you even more!

  5. That really is awesome. If I could go back I would definitely skip a lot of the traditional things. I was only 25 and the first to get married but I did not do the garter thing and we did not purchase a huge overprice wedding cake just ’cause. We hate cake!Happy engagment! I got engaged on January 25, 2003.

  6. You got engaged on the day shoe rationing ended? Now, that’s a good way to celebrate!

    Love your invitations – I bet your wedding was loads of fun too.

  7. You two so completely rock. Even down to Roger Ebert saying he stuffed his face… CLASSIC!

    You embody awesomeness.

    15 yrs since the engagement? What were you, 10 when you got hitched?? Congratulations!!! :o)

  8. OK, I’m just repeating here at this point, but yes, those are the coolest invitations ever…and it makes me, too, want to have a do-over of my own wedding. What a great idea…mind if I steal for my step-daughter’s upcoming wedding?

  9. Great.

    Thanks a LOT Loz. Now I have to get a divorce to get married again so I can use those invites.



  10. Has to be the most creative wedding announcements, etc., I have ever seen! So glad you shared. Must have been a very fun wedding!

  11. Those are the awesomest wedding invites I’ve ever seen! You have the greatest sense of humor and I always feel great after visiting your blog! Thank you for another great Show and Tell 😀

  12. Those are so fun! Very original and creative.

    I had a ‘helper’ planning mine. I think it was a practice run for her since it was more her than me. *shrug*

  13. Those are completely awesome! I LOVE the RSVP cards.

    Oh- and the fact that ~you~ proposed via scoreboard. So cool!

    I don’t think the visit is just a one on one- I am letting Nancy take care of all details since I know absolutely nothing about CO except what I have seen on South Park & that there is a kick ass big mountain there! I am game to meeting up with anyone that wants to if it works for her.

  14. Wow, how very cool! How fun it would have been to do something like this! I think my parents would have had a heart attack, though! I dunno about putting John Travolta and Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction on my wedding invitation though – creepy!

  15. This is so incredible, clever and brilliant. Love This!! Here’s to the next 15 years of engagement anniversaries!

  16. That is an awesome wedding invite! So creative and personal. I love it!

    What a fun milestone to celebrate! Congrats!

  17. Wow. You guys really aren’t the traditional couple! How cool and creative. I love it!

    Congrats on your engage-aversary. We got engaged on Bastille Day, and just celebrated (if by ‘celebrated’, I mean ‘completely and totally forgot’) our legal/first-wedding anniversary on the second of Nov. That’s okay– we have another chance to see if we can remember to celebrate the actual-ceremony-day anniversary this December…

  18. I would have guessed you’d have done something creative, but I didn’t know of your passion for movies. SUPER cool!

  19. Oh, you two rock. That is the coolest wedding invitation I’ve ever seen. I’m sure they also had a higher “save” rate than other invitations that come through our homes. Congratulations on the anniversary.

  20. I was there for the proposal and there for the wedding…and am still here enjoying watching you show us how it’s done.

    Congratulations on 15 years! YIKES! That means I will have a driver soon!

    I think I’m hyperventilating!

  21. Very cool! Some friends of mine are actors and big into Broadway. They wedding was on a stage, and their programs were playbills. It was super funky..

  22. this was AMAZING, I LOVE IT!!!! (I am used to getting baby announcements like this, but a WEDDING ….CLASSIC, CLASSY, FUN!!!!)

    I just sat here smiling wide….what great fun!

  23. They are fantastic!

    We’re off to a wedding today where the invitation was a picture of the bride and groom, dressed in head-to-toe lycra, sitting on their racing bikes. Loved it. SO different. I always love it when people step away from tradition.


  24. Those are so much fun. I guess you beat mine…A phone call saying “We’re going to Vegas to get married”. You can imagine the shock and horror from my sweet, sweet uber-Catholic inlaws to be…EEK! Thank GOD they love me now 🙂

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