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Vloggedy vlog

I’ve been flipping out lately with my Flip camera. And posting videos elsewhere.

I vlogged my Brazilian on MileHighMamas.com.

If you are driven by prurient interest, you may be disappointed — it’s an UPtown Brazilian. And you can see the process.

I vlogged our Giant Hamster Ball and Laser Tag party on AllThumbsReviews.com.

If you are driven by fun and amusement, you will not be disappointed (hopefully.  And I would have invited you if you lived closer!).

No video is associated with it, but on the Open Adoption Examiner, there is news about parenting your adopted teen or tween. Classes start soon, so click on over.

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Looky there. And there and there.

I’m spreading the posting love this week.

I’m on MileHighMamas.com telling about craft day with Tessa and Reed. Would you believe a sequined skull?

And I reviewed the delightful movie that opens tomorrow, Ramona and Beezus, over at All Thumbs Reviews.

On the Open Adoption Examiner there is an article about adoptee rights that adoptive parents should read  about how to protect their children from a life of discrimination (from a press release).

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