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End discrimination against adopted people

Did you know that there is one class of citizens that, by virtue of the circumstances of birth, do not have the same rights as others?

In all but 6 states, adult adoptees are not able to have access to their own original birth certificates. Some of the remaining 44 states do allow access, but require high fees and/or intermediaries who can grant permission — or not. Non-adopted people to not face the same hurdles.

AdopteeRights.net is working to change laws in these discriminatory states. Why am I telling you this? Do I expect you to march in San Antonio at the 2011 demonstration? To take up the cause, to make signs and to write letters to legislators in your state house and at the federal level?

Well, all that would be nice.

But all I’m asking you to do is to comment. Not here, but over at SixSeeds.tv. During the month of November, SixSeeds is marking National Adoption Awareness Month by telling adoption stories. SixSeeds has taken its marketing budget and instead of spending it on marketing, is spending it on comments. Each storyteller gets to designate a cause and SixSeeds will donate $2 per comment left.

I have designated AdopteRights.net to receive the proceeds on my story. So please head over to comment.

There are lots of compelling narratives over there, so plan to spend some time reading and commenting. I am also aware that Luna, Heather and Dawn have posts up, and your comments on their posts will help Ethica.

(It’s been noted by a reader that SixSeeds.tv requires that you offer an email address.)

Happy weekend, everyone.