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9 Tips to Long Term Success in Parenting Through Adoption

Technically, the title is “9 Steps to Long Term Success in Parenting Through Embryo Adoption.” But practically, this webinar applies to parenting through adoption of other types: traditional, international, foster, open, as well as other third party reproduction methods like donor egg, donor sperm, donor embryo.

And closed. This message is especially for people inclined to choose a closed adoption.

adoption webinarThrough the Embryo Adoption Awareness Center, I delivered a webinar recently, available to you for free. Its description:

Many couples worry about how they will handle some of the big moments when parenting a child that came to them through embryo adoption. How they tell the story over time? Will they be able to answer questions that come up? How will they navigate things if their child asks if they can meet biological siblings? Join Lori Holden as she shares tips for long term success with an embryo adoption regardless of the level of ongoing contact you have with the placing family.

Cliff Notes for “9 Tips to Parenting Through Adoption”

Here’s a cheat sheet. Tune in to get explanations and details. Continue reading 9 Tips to Long Term Success in Parenting Through Adoption


Last week I got be the commencement speaker for the graduating class of 2017 at the school where I teach.

Even though the audience was smaller than the adoption agency groups I usually present to, I got about ten thousand times more nervous this time. The people in the audience here know me. Afterwards, some in the audience will still see me, even after the mic drop.

graduation speechphoto credit: SweetiePhoto.com

Another reason for my high anxiety was that I’d taken on a new class this school year: Public Speaking. I’d just taught my students everything I know about the subject, and they would be primed to figure out where I was succeeding (eye contact! confidence! preparation!) and where I was falling short (ummmmms, y’knows, boring).

Facts Are Now in Your Hand Even if Not Your Head

Public Speaking & Debate was requested by my social studies students a year ago as an extension of discussions we hold at the end of each year’s History classes in a current events unit. The teens enjoy delving, dialoging, debating. They wanted an entire course on it.

So this year I created a class for them. Only it turned into so much more than just about giving speeches and debating.

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I Went to Orlando for Adoption, Not Disney

Last week I set out from Denver to head to Orlando for a conference about adoption laws and practices.

Denver International Airport blue horse
A poster of”Blucifer,” our airport’s public art, which spooks visitors on their way into and out of the airport terminal.

I got to stay in in a Doubletree Hotel Resort for a couple of days. The grounds were beautiful. Continue reading I Went to Orlando for Adoption, Not Disney

Meet me at the library

Calling all front-range adoptive families, birth families, adoption professionals, people considering adoption or donor gametes as a means of family-building, and people who have adopted internationally, through foster care and domestically.

Join me in kicking off National Adoption Awareness month by coming to the Denver Public Library Schlessman Branch ( this Sunday, November 3, at 2 pm for an hour-long workshop called “Don’t Split the Baby!” Thanks to the generous sponsorship of my publisher, Rowman & Littlefield, this workshop is free to the public.

And? Bye week for the Broncos, so I know you are already free that afternoon.

Denver Public Library hosts author Lori Holden(click image to visit Denver Public Library announcement and to get location details)

Our agenda includes the following:

agenda for workshop on openness in adoptionThis workshop will be helpful to those who are considering adoption as a way to build a family and for people who are currently navigating adoptive parenting, as well as those who work in the field of adoption. Birth parents and other birth family members are also welcome.

Review of Lori Holden's adoption workshop(click image to visit an attendee’s tweet-review of the San Francisco workshop)

I can also direct you to an insightful joint review of the book on which this workshop is based by Lisa and Liz, an adoptive mom and a birth mom to the same daughter: “We were excited to read a book addressed to both of us, and found many insights which resonated with our own experiences. We highly recommend this book.” Lisa and Liz attended the workshop in Portland.

Someone has asked if children are welcome at the library workshop.  Please feel free to bring younger children if childcare is an issue — babies, toddlers, preschoolers. But I suspect that some of what we’ll cover may be triggering to kids who have begun to understand what adoption means to them, that it often starts with and involves loss.

No registration is necessary, but it would be nice to have some idea of a count so I can be sure to bring enough handouts. Just email me to let me know you plan to attend.

Your help spreading the word to any Denver-area connections is appreciated. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!