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How I Opened to Open Adoption

Everything I Knew About Open Adoption Was Wrong

Many years ago after we’d run the gauntlet of infertility diagnoses and treatments, we set out on a new and daunting journey, that of adoption. We thought that meant waiting in a long line until our number came up, when an agency would call us with news that we’d gotten to the top of the list and our baby was available. We’d live happily ever after, never to think about adoption again.


Turns out all that was wrong. There would be no line, no list, no adoption-be-gone. Instead, there would be an expectant mother considering adoption (and possibly father), and our fate would be in HER hands. Further, she/they might want to be involved in our lives now and forevermore.

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BlogHer 2014: Four Reasons to Get Your Ticket (If You Haven’t Already)

This is a sponsored post for BlogHer, an organization I’ve been a part of for nearly seven years.

You never forget your first BlogHer. Or your second or your third. Probably not even your 10th, if you’re lucky enough to have attended all BlogHer conferences since 2005.

Yes, dear readers, the venerated blogging conference has its 10th annual gathering this summer, taking place in San Jose, CA July 24-26. 10 years of BlogHerI’m giving you four reasons why I think BlogHer is so worthwhile. What qualifies me to say?

  • As a blogging newbie at BlogHer08 in San Francisco, I spoke on a panel with Pamela about building bridges.
  • A bit more seasoned, I attended BlogHer10 in New York, met more bloggers in more circles and sought new technical information a blogger needs to know.
  • I spoke on another panel at BlogHer12, called Help — My Blog No Longer Fits Me!, help for a slumpy stage that can happen in the life cycle of a blog.

#1. BlogHer: The People

There is nothing quite like finding your tribe. When you’re in a room full of women who get your blogging passion, when you exchange bloggy business cards and feel “real” alongside your idols, when you finally embrace someone you’ve been dying to meet, well, you feel you’ve come home to something special. The people around you are ignited and energized by the same things you are.

You’ll have a perma-smile throughout the conference. speaking at BlogHer

Mel, Kathy, Kir, me

Me, Eden, Mel, KateyPie

#2. BlogHer: The Content

Uh, YEAH, there are actual workshops taking place. And they are AMAZING. Some are led by experts and some by your peers.

As always, this year BlogHer has an impressive line up of Keynoters: Jenny Lawson (a/k/a The Bloggess), Kerry Washington from the TV show Scandal, Arianna Huffington, and comedienne Tig Notaro.

Keynote at BlogHer2014

Kerry Washington, BlogHer14 Keynoter

Don’t dismiss the peer-led workshops. I have found them to be invaluable and interactive and I return to my blogging space with new ways to pursue my goals.

#3. BlogHer: The Fun

There are gatherings in hallways. There are parties in banquet rooms. There are myriad ways you and your new or old friends can have a good time, either at an organized event or an impromptu one. party at BlogHer conference

Sheri, me, Kristin

BlogHer party

Food and Life blogger Justine

#4. BlogHer: The Swag and The Brands

If you bring an extra suitcase, you will certainly be able to fill it with swag, goodies given freely by BlogHer’s generous sponsors. I love Eden’s story of her swag, considering her compassionate heart (and the alternative of getting her huge box o’ swag back to Australia).

Not only do the sponsors give away some really cool stuff (I’m still using a PUR kitchen water filter and a Crest electronic toothbrush), but they also underwrite the cost of the conference so that prices are kept affordable.

In addition, when you walk through the Exhibitor’s Hall, you have a chance to interact with brands and find those that you might want to work with via your blog.

BlogHer: Get Your Ticket

BlogHer attendance is capped at 2500 this year. So don’t wait to get your registration. Right now you can get 25% off with promo code BHMPCO (limited time). I wish I would see you there, but I’m committed to a family obligation. If you do go, please let me know afterwards how it was for you. — I’d love to hear your recounting.

You’ll never forget it.

This is a sponsored post for BlogHer, an organization I’ve been a part of for nearly seven years.