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“Vape Companies Count on the Cool Factor to Get Us Kids Addicted”

A Conversation with 5 Teenage Students

The vaping conversation with the two teens I parent was so illuminating that I held a similar discussion with a group of teens I teach and who serve on our school’s student council. Three themes emerged that are helpful to parents and other caring adults:

  • Confusion about vaping
  • The specter of addiction
  • The cool factor
teens vaping on social media
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How I Opened to Open Adoption

Everything I Knew About Open Adoption Was Wrong

Many years ago after we’d run the gauntlet of infertility diagnoses and treatments, we set out on a new and daunting journey, that of adoption. We thought that meant waiting in a long line until our number came up, when an agency would call us with news that we’d gotten to the top of the list and our baby was available. We’d live happily ever after, never to think about adoption again.


Turns out all that was wrong. There would be no line, no list, no adoption-be-gone. Instead, there would be an expectant mother considering adoption (and possibly father), and our fate would be in HER hands. Further, she/they might want to be involved in our lives now and forevermore.

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