The Brady Crunch

One of our favorite shows when my sisters and I were growing up was The Brady Bunch.

 While we didn’t quite grasp that Carol was a widow, and we weren’t wishing away our own Dad, we DID fantasize that there was a man somewhere with three boys of his own, and that together we would make quite the lovely household, and that an Alice would appear and do our chores.

Well, we all grew up, brotherless, and got married, finally garnering our three boys of our own. Don’t think too hard about the incestuousness in these bullet points:

  • I, Marcia, married my Greg (Lori and Roger).
  • Jan married her Peter (Sheri and Tom).
  • Cindy married her Bobby (Tami and Gino).

By the way, Alice did not magically appear.


  • In June, “Bobby” broke his elbow in a fall at a swimming pool.
  • In July, “Greg” got all busted up in a go-kart accident,
  • Yesterday — because Jan just couldn’t handle ME being in the limelight — “Peter” broke both wrists, a rib and an elbow when he went over his bicycle handlebars in trying to avoid a car.

In the words of Sheri/Jan:


All three Brady boys are going to be fine.

(But we’d still like an Alice.)

24 thoughts on “The Brady Crunch”

  1. I know one difference between you and Marcia: If Davy Jones showed up and kissed you, you’d still wash your face.

  2. Have you learned nothing from re-runs?

    Still thinking of you more than is normal for somebody I’ve never met…

  3. Just throw the thing back in the cave already!!! Sheesh! What is WITH you people???

    Glad Rob (Roger!! Roger!!! Argh!!) is doing so much better.

  4. Well, it’s time for change, time to rearrange!

    Maybe I’ll teach this song to Peter’s prepubescent boys.

    Marcia, watch out for your nose!

  5. “Peter” is doing fine. Pain meds help a lot!

    This week will be an adventure trying to keep a normal schedule around here while having to help with bathing, shaving, driving…and everything else.

    Many friends have offered to help. We are very blessed. 🙂

    And…we did put the tiki back in the cave before we left!

  6. OMG I hope this ends soon! Please Please put the tiki back!

    I hope everyone feels better soon.

    I so loved the Brady Bunch.


    I cannot stop laughing at the tiki reference. So freaking funny. My two sisters and I grew up with those Bradys also, Loz.

    I secretly wish I was Cindy (Thindy) … remember when she went on the talent show and she didn’t know the answer and Jan and Marcia were at home talking to the TV going “Batonrouge! You know this one!”

    Your poor hubbies! Bad things happen in threes, I believe you are all safe now.


  8. I’m glad you can find some humor in all this! BTW, I’m the “Cindy” in my family, 3 girls and 3 boys.

  9. Love your Brady Bunch reference – that was my favorite episode. Good luck, and I hope the tiki bothers you no more!

  10. I <3 the Brady Bunch! I am an only child, so I used to live my life vicariously through the Bradys and imagine what my life would be like with a bunch of siblings like that. You have no idea how many blogs I read in order to find this post for Blogger Bingo today ;-). I'm glad I found your blog. I look forward to reading more!

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