Have I  mentioned here that I recently bought a new car? If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I’ve been jonzing for a Honda Pilot for a very long time, even though I was very attached to my first mom-car, a 1999 Honda CR-V.

I intended to buy a young used car, but according to several dealers I spoke with, and my own research on CraigsList and in the classified ads, Cash for Clunkers pretty much wiped out the availability of pre-owned 2009 and 2010 models.

But there were plenty of clunkers available — yay!


Anyway. I told our car-buying story at last month.

That article got the attention of a local news station and consumer reporter. And that’s how I ended up gesticulating wildly on MartinoTV.  I’m on from about 1:10 to about 3:10. If you look carefully, you can see my old car, Betty, behind the AutoSearch guy.

So my advice? If you’re not an expert at negotiating for a car, consider using an auto broker.

And take a chill pill before going on camera to talk about it.

13 thoughts on “Gesticulator”

  1. My husband is the negotiator. I do the test driving. We are a lethal combination. 🙂 The sales guys don’t expect me to notice things like acceleration power and how the car shifts – they probably just think I wonder about the convenience of the mirrors and cupholders (also important). So they are always at a loss when I mention these things…and how I’m used to a little more power, since my last 4 cylinder was a turbo.

    You did have some wild hands going there! But, careful editing could have taken care of that – I blame the producer.

  2. you are so damn cute!

    in the first clip you’ve got the wild hands, but it looks like you took the chill pill and did some yoga before the second clip.. or maybe the coffee wore off?

    way to go on the new ride!

  3. What a sweet ride!! I have never heard of that group before – thanks for the info. Just thinking about car shopping makes my BP jump at least 20 points.

    You did great!!

  4. AWESOME and I love that I know another woman who can’t talk without her hands….You looked great, did great and GOOD JOB on the new ride!!!!! SWEET!


  5. I have ZERO car negotiation ability. That’s my husband’s job. I gladly take over all the health care stuff if he will only wheel and deal for a new car once every decade or so.

  6. It looks like I need to watch the video to find out more, but I wanted to quick mention that we got a Pilot earlier this year, and it’s been pure bliss. 🙂

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