Vozza de Lozza*

This post is all Eden‘s fault.

A few months back,  my Aussie friend put up for a short time a marvelous post of her singing, in her living room, a heartfelt rendition of Simon & Garfunkel’s The Boxer (Homeward Bound). It was delightful to watch and listen to her unabashedly sing to her soul’s content.

I vowed to do so one day. One day in the waaaaaaaay future.

When I met Eden at BlogHer10, she gave me a very thoughtful and perfect gift — a bottle of flower essences concocted by her sister, Linda.  She said that the tincture was aimed at helping me find my voice. Not just for singing, she asserted. This is bigger than just singing, she said, looking me in the eye solemnly.

I have been placing the drops under my tongue twice daily, and as a result I AM finding my voice.

The rest of this post is password protected. Email me if you’d like the secret code. I’m likely to give it to you — I just want to know who is walking through my front door on this particular post.

(If you see dots in the password field, remove them and then put in the code you get from me.)



23 thoughts on “Vozza de Lozza*”

  1. That’s amazing and beautiful, all wrapped up in heavenly paper with a bow made of goose bumps. I’m so proud to be your sister. Both for her your musical talents and for your courage. Love it!

  2. Oh, Lori! That is so beautiful! Like Mel, I’m weeping here. But I think it’s just how brave you are to do this – and how I can see your courage as plainly as I can hear your beautiful voice. I absolutely love this! You really inspire me always, but just a little bit extra today.

  3. I can’t imagine your needing help to find your voice, as you have always seemed to me to be very strong in your word, convictions, and thoughts. However, I know we each have the areas we think we need to improve upon, and I applaud your desire to do so.

    I can see that it took courage to post the video. It was a wonderful song and even better, heartfelt delivery. I’m impressed with the flute playing. I’m not sure I could still play the clarinet all these years later.

  4. Oh how wonderful! I can tell by the look on your face at the very end how great that made you feet. I love singing it always make me feel good, although I am not good at it but that is everyone elses problem and not mine 😉

  5. Lori Lori Lori.

    I am beyond thrilled for you. That was just magnificent. You had strength and determination in your eyes the whole time … and then an instrument at the end! And then, that look in your eyes at the VERY end. Just absolutely wonderful. Really, really inspiring, and Loriafied.

    Bono always says he’d like to teach the world to sing. There’s something really free-ing about it, I think.

    Love you like a sister.


    PS By the way, I am beyond honoured that you did this.

  6. seriously gorgeous. all of it — your voice, your playing, your confidence, your performance, the song, all of it. glorious.

    go you! and go eden and her sister for the liquid courage and for faith in you.

    you should feel very proud!

  7. Referring to what you said in your email, no I wasnt! I smiled the whole way thru 🙂 You were awesome, and what courage! It takes some [email protected] to post something like this for the world to see, but you’re not bad (meaning you are not bad, not “ehyourenotbad”, get what I mean lol) so you didnt have to worry! Raising the bar, Lori, as always 🙂

  8. Oh, and I also love the choice of song, and you even did some of those up n down things w your voice, well done! Im sure they have a proper name but I dont know what they are called, lol.

  9. That was fantastic! It made me smile and I’m pretty sure that’s the first time I ever listened to the words of that song too. Great song! It was marvelous!

  10. I am still in awe! I have tears in my eyes! And am so very proud!

    Your voice is lovely. The flute is magical.

    Very inspiring. You rock!

    Can I have some of that stuff Eden gave you? 🙂

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