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London, Golden Gate, Brooklyn…and Awareness

Was she inspired by the view in San Francisco? Did emceeing the BlogHer08 panel on building bridges strike a chord in her?

Could it be that the already creative Mel is stoked about a new project that could have positive and wide-ranging implications?

Mel mused about bridges on a recent BlogHer post. And for me, the most striking thing she said at our panel was: “It’s not about fertile people vs infertile people; it’s about sensitive vs insensitive people.”

To that end, Melissa has unveiled a new project, Bridges, an awareness consortium to “take the taunts off of the playground one post at a time.”

I am honored to be a Contributing Editor for Bridges, responsible for finding posts and articles that build bridges in the domestic adoption community.

And here’s where I need your eyes and clicks.

Was there an eloquent post by a birth/firstmother that made you say, “Ahhhh, now I see.” Or just the right sentiments expressed by an adoptee that deepened your understanding of his/her experience? Or a wise post by an adoptive parent? Have YOU written something that speaks to sensitivity and compassion?

Please alert me to any bridge-builders you find that merit the Bridges audience.

Adoption is just a part of the project. Also included are single motherhood, surrogacy, child-free living, loss, neonatal death, body image, cancer, parenting with special needs, addictions, allergies, mental health, and more. Melissa is open to including other suggested categories.

I think this is something you’ll want to be part of.

Here are my requests of you:

  • Let me know of any domestic adoption posts that have touched you, taught you, made you think, by leaving a comment here or by emailing me.
  • Consider submitting your blog to Melissa for inclusion on the Awareness Blogroll.
  • For more on Melissa’s amazing vision for this site, click here.
  • Add Awareness Bridges to your Reader Feeder. There will be good stuff here that will change the world, or at least make its playgrounds kinder.