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Welcome to Here you’ll discover what I’m (still) learning about openness in adoption, parenting, yoga, living mindfully, thinking critically, and other topics that make me wonder and want to explore.

Lori Holden, M.A.

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Are you mystified in relating well with an adoptee or a birth family member — or even your better self?

Do you seek guidance on becoming the adoptive parent your child needs you to be? Do you want help setting and patrolling boundaries in an open adoption? Do you wish to better connect with and serve your adoptee but not quite sure how?

Do you teach yoga and want to do it with more confidence and ease?

I have a book for you.

I write. I speak. I listen. I coach. I teach.


Adoption: The Long View

You’re invited to take a closer look at what happens after you adopt your child and begin parenting them. Your adoption journey isn’t over then — it’s just beginning.

In Adoption: The Long View you’ll hear from a variety of thought-provoking and influential guests as we help you make the most of your adoption journey. Like any trip worth taking, there will be ups and downs and challenges. Here’s what you’re going to wish you’d known right from the start. Ready? Let’s go.

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Reader Question: What is the future of adoption regarding openness? We’ve moved from completely closed adoptions to semi-open (pictures and letters sent through the agency,

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