Golden Milk

I know turmeric is good for you; I just needed new ideas how to consume more of it. So when Costco Connection magazine mentioned Golden Milk in its effort to sell turmeric, I was all ears.

“Many scientific studies have reported that turmeric may assist in the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and renal conditions, among many others.”        — Costco Connection magazine 

I have not been diagnosed with any of those conditions, but the list of ailments says to me that turmeric reduces inflammation, which is often the start of many bodily problems. I don’t want inflammation and I do want more turmeric. But how?

golden milk turmeric latte

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Read With Me: The Novel “Perfect Little World”

Infinite Family Project

Kevin Wilson’s Perfect Little World came to my attention when Melissa Ford wrote about it. I’ve long enjoyed discussing books with Melissa and others the ALI community (Adoption, infant Loss, Infertility), so of course I immediately reserved this novel at the library and jumped it to the front of my queue. I’ve just begun reading and already there have been a half-dozen times I’ve stopped to ask myself what you  all would make of this book.

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Peace & Harmony (3 part)

Dona Nobis Pacem: Grant Us Peace

Ha! I wrote this sentence 3 years ago when a period of “polarizing events” seemed an aberration.

Especially in light of so many polarizing events in 2014, I’m featuring this little story, retold from my teacher, Ethel, who was, herself, retelling it.

A Parable about Peace

A child asked at bedtime, “Mommy why is there war? Why can’t there be peace in the world?”

peace in the world

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