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Open Adoption Advice for Tricky Situations

Open Adoption is HARD (but worth it)

So many parents I’ve talked with are committed to openness in adoption because they understand how evolving from an Either/Or mindset to a BothAnd* heartset better serves everyone involved.

Regular old parenting can get tough, but add in emotionally-charged elements around adoption and things can get really hairy. No parenting guide can give all the answers, but once you know how to set your parenting GPS you’ll know how to find answers right for you in a particular  situation.

* To emphasize the integrating of BothAnd, I deliberately do not use a hyphen.

crystal ball to tell the future

The Future of Adoption

Reader Question: What is the future of adoption regarding openness? We’ve moved from completely closed adoptions to semi-open (pictures and letters sent through the agency,

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Reader Favorites

A digest of readers’ (and my own!) favorite essays. Pull up a post and stay awhile.


Double Feature

Date Night Mishaps

The night my house broke up with me

A night with toddlers locked in my own personal panic room.


My near-death experience, which went unnoticed by everyone else.

Judgy McJudgerson

A woman at a street festival bugs the crap out of me in a 3-part saga. Judgy much?

Love & Family

Mom badge

I earned it. Holy crap, did I earn it.

My one-and-only pregnancy photo

Paulie, me and Sunny D. Funny (in a take-back-the-infertility kind of way) because I was never really pregnant.

Grant Us Peace

3 part harmony with my sisters

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