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Sacral chakra: Sex, Money, Power

The title sounds like a new-season TV series, no?

In reality, the Chakras are the seven “wheels of energy” (in ancient Sanskrit) that manifest health or dis-ease in our physical and energetic bodies.

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7th: Crown chakra

Recently, I wrote about the Root Chakra, which lies at the base of the spine and holds the often unconscious messages of The Tribe. Up now is the second or Sacral Chakra — our sexual center, our creative center.

Your Sacral Chakra is positioned just behind and below your belly button. Here are some indications that you’ve got things going on in your Sacral Chakra.

Emotional and mental issues associated with the Sacral Chakra:

  • Blame and guilt
  • Money and sex
  • Power and control
  • Creativity
  • Ethics and honor in relationships

Physical symptoms associated with imbalance:

  • Chronic lower back pain
  • OB/Gyn problems
  • Sexual potency
  • Urinary problems
  • Infertility
  • Disease of the reproductive organs

The Sacral Chakra is where we deal with primary relationships. Addictions (powerlessness) are often based here.

  • The color is orange. This is the place between the groupmind of the Tribe (red, 1st chakra) and the seeds of Self (yellow, 3rd chakra).
  • The element is water. There is ebb and flow, an awesome power to both create and destroy.
  • The seed sound is “vum” .
  • The verb is “I feel.”
  • The sense is taste, a very sensual way to experience the material world.
  • The associated endocrine glands are the gonads.
  • The sacral chakra has to do with partnership, creativity, power and control.
  • Christian Sacrament: Communion. The symbolic meaning is to receive grace (the “host”) representing holy union with Christ and with the people closest to you.
  • Jewish Sefirot: Yesod, the procreative force of G-d, merging energy into physical form.
  • Healing thought: Honor one another.

We come into the world with an energetic need to connect, at a soul level, with others. People come into our lives reflect us to ourselves, and to help us find Truth. All is one and Honor one another are two such Truths. We’ll see more Truths as we progress through the chakras.

Whereas the first chakra is rooted in oneness (the groupmind of the Tribe), the second chakra brings out duality and opposites, primarily the male/female.

In this seat of creativity is choice. Every time we make a choice, we are creating our reality. Ultimately, it’s not really the choices we make that matter, but how we make them. For when we choose from fear, there is nothing but our own ego (which is an illusion) to support our choice. However, when we choose from love, we receive the full support of the Universe. To do so requires the proverbial leap of faith.

The Sacral Chakra is about control, and how we all eventually come to the conclusion that we can’t really control the physical world. What we CAN control is our inner responses to the external world. Through our lives, we tend to look for the external “it” that will bring order to our chaos.

I’ve called this my “I’ll be happy whens.” I’ll be happy when I get the degree; find the dream job; meet my soul mate; have a baby; complete my family; make a little more money.” But when my happiness is pegged to something outside me, there is always another externality to take its place. In the meantime I am not happy now — only looking toward happiness in the future.

Blocked energy in the second chakra can bring on impotence, infertility, endometriosis, depression. But when energy is free to flow through our Sacral Chakra, we are able to continually renew our lives. Flowing creating energy frees us from habits and ruts. It manifests when we create music, poetry, videos, blog/journal entries, artwork of any medium, and any other manner of expression.

Gossip, manipulation and meanness — expressions that come from fear — are also ways to use creative energy, but with a net drain from the Sacral Chakra.

Blogging is, for me, a creative activity. It has me looking at my world with more observant eyes, a more conscious mind. Many bloggers are opening their Sacral Chakras with the process of blogging.

Here is a short story about my own healing process. A long time ago, my main issue was my health — primarily in my lungs. I experienced an allergy to a common mold that was affecting the quality and possibly the length of my life. At the time I was running an adult education network, and my job was to interview applicant teachers and help them develop their course descriptions.

One day two people came in to propose a class on a holistic way to manage allergies. As an aside, the man looked at a kitschy plaque on my desk that said, “I am allergic to morning.” He suggested I put it away, that I not insert the word “allergy” into my mind multiple times a day. I think it, I am it, he explained. The Universe pays attention to my mind chatter.

So. A word of caution in the same vein to some infertility bloggers (and I’m aware that no one has asked for my assvice): Be careful who you declare yourself to be. The Universe will support your creative declaration. You want to be You got it. Call yourself Okey-dokey. If your entire persona is tied to being, the Universe will comply — for who would you be if not this identity you’ve worked so hard on?

By blogging, you are creating. So do it consciously and with awareness of who you want to be.


This post researched, in part, from Anatomy of the Spirit , by Caroline Myss, PhD.

The paintings for this series were created by Lisa Brown-Olsen and used with permission.

Root chakra: red, tribal, survival

Visit any of these other entries in The Rainbow Within Chakra Series

1st: Root chakra
2nd: Sacral chakra
3rd: Solar plexus chakra
4th: Heart chakra
5th: Throat chakra
6th: Third-eye chakra
7th: Crown chakra


Last time I introduced the concept of the chakras, the seven “wheels of energy” (in ancient Sanskrit) that manifest health or dis-ease in our physical and energetic bodies.

Today, it’s all about the Root Chakra, which is located at the base of your spine, at your tailbone. Might you have any Root Chakra issues on occasion?

Emotional symptoms associated with imbalance:

  • Nervousness, insecurity
  • Inability to stand up for yourself
  • Fear for your safety
  • Strong, stifling need for stability or security
Physical symptoms associated with imbalance:
  • Chronic lower back pain
  • Varicose veins
  • Colon polyps or cancer
  • Kidney problems
  • Leg or foot pain
  • Depression
  • Immune disorders

The Root Chakra is where we hold tribal issues. To help explain what that means, let’s go through some specifics.

  • The color is red. As in blood (blood ties, blood vengeance, blood brothers, bloodlines)
  • The element is Earth. As in where roots go.
  • The seed sound is “lum.”
  • The verb is “I have.”
  • The sense is smell, our most primitive of senses.
  • The endocrine glands most affected are the adrenals (“fight or flight”).
  • The root chakra has to do with survival, grounding, security, and safety.
  • Christian Sacrament: Baptism. The symbolic meaning is to welcome you into the community — the tribe — of Christ.
  • Jewish Sefirot: Shikhinah, the mystical community of Israel. Its symbolic meaning is similar: to welcome you into the community of humanity and the spirit of Earth.
  • Healing thought: All is one.

And lest you think this is just an ancient thought with no relevance in the modern world, the same idea occurred to Abraham Maslow in 1943 when he put First Chakra issues on the first step of his hierarchy of needs.

We pick up our tribal thought patterns by osmosis — they are practically in the air we breathe. These beliefs are questioned only as we begin to live more mindfully and consciously, choosing thoughts and beliefs that serve us and discarding the ones that don’t.

And tribal messages DO serve us — or at least they did at one time. We NEED to know certain things to live in the harsh world of scarcity, where strangers bring harm and our ways are best. Think Cro-Magnon man. Think tribes in the bible. Think Native Americans and Europeans. Think Palestinians and Jews, Tutsis and Hutus, Croats-Serbs-Bosnians, Sunnis and Shiites.

Here are a couple of messages I’ve plucked from my awareness. Do you carry any of them?

  • Save for a rainy day
  • Family is everything
  • It’s too bad we have to age
  • To be a teenager is to be rebellious
  • You can never be too rich or too thin
  • If you can’t have children, what’s the point of living?
  • I would die if he/she ever left me
  • Justice is the cornerstone of our society

Are these beliefs absolutely true, or just tribally true?

And do they serve me now? Actually, it would be quite freeing to release some of these thoughts. Maybe I already AM rich enough and thin enough. Maybe I could choose NOT to dread my children’s teenage years. I’d like to think compassion is equally important as justice, and that all people have value, not just those who procreate. Since the only alternative to age is death, maybe I’ll embrace age, wrinkles and spider veins and all.

I’m a grown-up now, and I can choose which beliefs to hold and honor. I’m thankful to my tribe for guiding me as I learn to survive on my own, but I no longer need it to control me.

Individuals can outgrow a belief, and so can an entire tribe. Dr Caroline Myss has a dramatic example of the The Tribe outgrowing a belief. I’ll arc the decades-long experience into just a few story boards:

In October, 1929, the American economy crashed and the Great Depression began.

Americans described themselves as being “crippled” economically. With the double whammy of a drought and bad farming practices, we also became agriculturally “crippled.”

There was a polio epidemic in the 1930s and 1940s. Children absorbed the tribe’s energy and were susceptible to the viral disease as well as the economic dis-ease.

We elected to the Presidency FDR, “a living symbol of both physical weakness and indomitable resilience.”

A tribal event, WWII, brought pride and power back to the country. We were “on our feet” again . We had shifted from feeling powerless to feeling powerful. Soon after, Jonas Salk discovered the vaccine for polio.

We had a tribal shift in consciousness.So. What tribal beliefs do you carry that no longer serve you? What would you like to shift in your life?


This post researched, in part, from Anatomy of the Spirit , by Caroline Myss, PhD.

The paintings for this series were created by Lisa Brown-Olsen. Her work is featured at Maitri Yoga, included with permission.

The rainbow within

I’ve studied energy work for many years, now. I use it as I help people in the adoption process , I use it with my kids when they get a boo-boo, and I try to find, as Carolyn Myss and Louise Hay suggest, the symbolic meaning when I hear of someone experiencing illness or dis-ease.

So I am periodically going to present another way of looking at wellness, at ego, at energy, at vibrations, at the intersection of physics and metaphysics, and consciousness. For starters, I open today a series on the chakras.

Energy centers

“Chakra” is an ancient sanskrit word meaning “wheel.” There are seven primary chakras, or energy vortices, that correspond with seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes of the scale, seven sacraments , and even portions of the Kabbalah. Carolyn Myss set out in her research to find Truth, hypothesizing that one finds Truth (capital T) in all traditions because Truth emerges out of the essence of our human-ness, our Source that is embedded in each of us.

Now, some may roll their eyes when they hear “chakra” and assume I eat only granola and wear only birkenstocks and never shave my legs. But remember — I love mojitos! I have gym shoes on at the moment and I epilated my legs yesterday. I’m mainstream. My husband jokes that my sisters and I are the only known New Age Libertarians (I can not now support either major party — a topic for another post). And I aim to present chakras in a non-foo-foo manner that is embraceable by other “normal” people. So keep reading.

Each chakra, or energy center, influences various organs and parts of the body. The chakras lie along the body’s vertical axis, from the base of the spine to just on top of the head. The seven major chakras are:

1st: Root chakra
2nd: Sacral chakra
3rd: Solar plexus chakra
4th: Heart chakra
5th: Throat chakra
6th: Third-eye chakra
7th: Crown chakra

Dis-ease in the body first appears in the energetic body (which surrounds the physical body), and can be treated there before the body shows symptoms. Physical and emotional healing can be aided by promoting the flow of energy, focusing on the seven chakras. Energy blockages create areas of imbalance, with either too much or too little flow resulting, like boulders in a stream.

What blocks energy? Fear. I’ll be writing much more about this in future posts in this series. Next I’ll have a post that focuses on the Root Chakra.

For now, here’s a Chakra Evaluation Test I found while researching this post. It’s a simplified way for you to begin thinking about where your blockages might be, which thought patterns you hold that may be standing in your way.

(BTW, as I write, I have 4 open, 2 under-active and 1 over-active chakras — how about you?)

The paintings for this series were created by Lisa Brown-Olsen. Her work is featured at Green Mountain Yoga. Check out GMY’s online store, where you can also find chakra balancing jewelry by Mindy Arbuckle, owner of Green Mountain Yoga.