Worded Wednesday: My family went to the 1920s

November 28, 2012

Over Thanksgiving weekend Roger and I took the kids for  a day in downtown Denver. We started out by throwing a football around at Civic Center Park on a gorgeous and sunny late-morning (Reed’s pick). At Tessa’s urging we then we switched to a volleyball, counting to see how many volleys we could get in […]

Wordless Wednesday: Burning bush

October 3, 2012

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

September 1, 2011

..all you have to do is remember to take a picture and where you stood three months earlier. See also:         2010                  2009  


October 22, 2010

I’ve done this once before, and here goes again. Last time I took quarterly photos, one each on the solstices/equinoxes. This time, I waited a few weeks for each season to settle in, because I wanted a quintessential day of the chosen season. Winter Spring Summer Fall Turn, turn, turn.