The 25s

August 30, 2012

My Dad was 25 when I was born. His mother was 25 when he was born. I did not have a baby when I was 25, so the pattern was a short one.

Perfect Moment Monday: Happy happy joy joy

December 30, 2011

(ALI Alert: baby mentioned. Do not read if you are in a tender place.) One week ago… Sheri (my middle sister) and I are at a morning yoga class. She’s been living in Pennsylvania this year and it’s a real treat to spend time with just her, doing one of the things we really love […]

Perfect Moment Monday: Free Fall-in’

November 27, 2011

When you get a 70 degree day on a weekend in November, it’s prudent to chuck the To Do list and play hookey from your chores. Roger and I, on a whim, loaded up the kids and pretended we were tourists in our own city. We stopped at an urban park and let Tessa and […]

Perfect Moment Monday: The ordinary is extraordinary

October 23, 2011

It’s a lazy Saturday, and an unseasonably warm one for mid-October. I’m taking advantage of the lazy part by reading a good book and taking an afternoon snooze. The others in my family are taking advantage of the gorgeous weather by heading outside. I awake from my short nap to the sound of merriment outside […]